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    Medical All in One App Development Solution for On Demand Doctor, Ambulance, Pharmacy Delivery

    A comprehensive kind of healthcare solution providing a broad variety of medical services across a single mobile platform for the hospitals, medical professionals as well as telemedicine start-ups!

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    On-Demand Medical Application Development- launches your healthcare app today

    It is the era of Smartphone applications, and any industry service from the supply of household products to the present has been swept away by medicines. The rise of on-demand apps has changed the medical industry’s environment, with more and more consumers opting to bring medicines and healthcare services to their doorstep.

    A quick Google search will show various applications for different medical facilities, signalling a possible market opportunity. What if you start a company that offers all important healthcare services into a single, main character Smartphone application?

    NBT have one specific solution-a Healthcare application that allows you to provide a wide range of healthcare services. It is totally customizable and it is no doubt fit for instant launching.

    Our Range of Healthcare App Development Solutions

    NBT design and sell Smartphone applications for the total healthcare range, from trendy

    on-demand healthcare applications to comprehensive EHR management applications.

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    On-Demand Healthcare Apps

    Connecting all the patients to medical providers on a centralized site, our portfolio of on-demand healthcare applications is simply tailored to your unique business needs. The NBT decade-long experience in designing on-demand content in more than 50+ categories allows us to create a customized solution for you.


    Hospital Patient Apps

    Efficient kind of monitoring of inpatient and even outpatient care is made easier with our state-of-the-art Hospital Patient Applications. Wrapped mostly with convenience of a user-friendly GUI, it provides other facilities, such as medical surveillance and medical referrals, easing patient’s care.


    Doctor Appointment Scheduling App

    Eliminate pressure points for patients on the particular appointment booking figuratively, with our solution which efficiently plans appointments centred on push alerts and through monitoring of inpatient data. Ingenious, wise, and what is wrong.


    Telemedicine Apps

    Diagnosis made possible through our Telemedicine Applications. Best-in-class qualities such as cloud-based conferencing of video, expert patient care software, as well as the option to deliver E-Prescription are the best options for your own tele-health needs.


    Mobile-First Physician Platform

    Through combining billing processes mostly with EHR or otherwise prescription-based menus, say goodbye to the particular kind of paper-based, unorganized billing types. Our Mobile-First primary care physician platforms provides productivity at its peak.


    Urgent Care Apps

    Extend the emergency treatment facilities, such as instantaneous ambulance booking, and gage the closest hospital centre with our specially built Urgent Care Applications. A one-click request for pretty much any and all emergency obligations.


    Symptoms Checker Apps

    Deduce just what the signs mean from an enormous amount of symptoms preloaded and perhaps revised on a daily basis. Our Symptoms Checker phone apps have active symptoms for those without any medical experience.


    Women's wellness Apps

    Endeavor women’s wellbeing treatment with specially designed applications that can monitor pregnancy, baby development, and perhaps period trackers. The latter is actually in much demand, and therefore it can also trace the rare patterns of ovulation.

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    Hospital Wayfinding Apps

    With the help of Hospital way finding application, indoor routing platforms can be accommodated by indoor turning navigation, awareness of indoor location, and otherwise context-aware instant messaging. Services such as geo-tagged public parking, electronic check-ins may also be supported.


    Chronic Condition Specific Apps

    Effectively track chronic disorders and illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and irregular blood pressure mostly with our own chronic condition-specific applications. For a growing number of people affected out by these kinds of circumstances, the launching of your own application cannot be more time-consuming.


    Medication Management and e-Prescription Apps

    Avail prescription assistance with remaining applications that guide you to specified time periods via text, phone calls, and perhaps emails. Genuinely efficient and professional. They will store and exchange e-prescriptions as well. 


    Health & Wellness Apps

    Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply randoTrack regular physical activity and nutritious importance of food intake using our Fitness and Wellness phone apps, which are the latest standard in widespread use and acceptance in the healthcare sector. We confer personalized capabilities that are consistent with your specifications.

    m text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old.


    EHR Management Apps

    Assist physicians and perhaps patients with particularly an EHR management application that electronically stores confidential end-to-end securely encrypted patient data actually backed by innovative block chain technology. Regular users can save, update, and exchange e-prescriptions on a variety of sites, such as email, text message, etc.



    On-Demand Healthcare Apps

    Doctor Appointment

    Doctor Appointment Scheduling Apps

    Hospital Patient

    Hospital Patient Apps

    Physician Platforms

    Mobile-First Physician Platforms


    Telemedicine Apps

    Urgent Care

    Urgent Care App

    Chronic Condition

    Chronic Condition Specific App

    Women Wellness

    Women Wellness Apps

    Symptoms Checker

    Symptoms Checker Apps

    Diet And Nutrition

    Diet And Nutrition Tracking Apps

    Hospital Wayfinding

    Hospital Wayfinding Apps

    Health & Wellnes

    Health & Wellness Apps

    Medication Management

    Medication Management And E-Prescription Apps

    EHR Management

    EHR Management Apps

    Create a Digital Healthcare Empire with our mobile development services

    Witnessing great historical mass public admiration and use, now is the perfect time for you to browse the wireless healthcare industry only with our own custom-made applications.

    Our Healthcare Apps Are Committed To Medical Compliance.

    The NBT medical applications are built in compliance with the strictest terms of privacy and protection for patients, and are subject to significant privacy provisions.


    Our Healthcare Applications are HIPAA-compliant and otherwise patient confidential details are thoroughly covered and secured.


    Healthcare applications created by us are indeed FDA Complaint to ensure that personal data and otherwise medical data for patients such as blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels and perhaps clinical records are stored.


    Any health application created by us has passed security audits and is therefore 100% HITECH compliant with its stringent regulations.


    For the very safe and stable transmission of medical records, our application uses EHR in accordance with the stringent guidelines and otherwise regulations of the various safety clauses.

    Our Healthcare App Development Solutions

    All-in-1, NBT single motto, and even our own healthcare application architecture blends various healthcare features, such as on-demand emergency treatment, telemedicine, Ambulance on demand, Nurse on demand, etc in a pretty exclusive application.

    Our applications and their particular web panels are designed to withstand any technical turbulence and still have seamless user interface with no trace of problems. Simplified subsystems actually allow the administrator to adjust the functions smoothly. And most of all, they are compliant with iOS, Android, Windows OS, and otherwise even some cross-platforms.

    The overview of NBT solution for the advancement of healthcare


    Admin panel to handle the customer base, such as with patients, surgeons, vets, dentists, etc.


    Main Website


    User iOS Application 


    User Android Application 


    Web Panel for User  


    Medical Expert iOS Application 


    Medical Expert Android Application 


    Medical Expert (Doctor/Nurse/Vets/Ambulance Drivers, etc.) total Web Panel


    Store (Pharmacy and Blood Bank) IOS application


    Android Application Store • Web Panel local store • Payment and billing Panel


    Store (Pharmacy and BloodBank) Web Panel

    • Billing and Payment Panel


    Why Choose Us?

    One-Stop Solution

    One-Stop Solution

    With any functionality available under a single roof, our applications are fundamentally ingenious.

    Technical Support

    360° Support

    Our devoted team of developers and therefore the Customer Relations entire team can help you from the point of view and extend post-deployment active support.

    Data Collection

    Data Collection and Analytics

    Our application is certified with the new Big Data resources and performs data collection and processing efficiently.


    Cloud-based and Wearable Tech

    Our total cloud-based platform defines the efficiency of the software and is compliant with portable hardware systems.



    Once the basic development has been done, we will white label the particular application in your own particular brand’s name and also the details.


    App Download & Approval

    Installation and otherwise configuration of online applications, coding and databases on the internet, the App Store and therefore the Google Play Store also will be carried out along with the whole approval process.


    Ultra-Responsive Web Panels

    The key panel, the patient panel and therefore the doctor panel are considered to be 100% sensitive and robust across major platform and system types.

    Technology Stack Deployed In
    Our Telemedicine Application



    Delivery time usually depends on a number of variables, including customization criteria. Our team does not make any compromises and continues to execute the script once again to the mutually negotiated deadline.

    The Doctor on Demand Replica application is a highly modular approach. You can update the software at any point in the years to come as per evolving user tastes. You will incorporate new functionality and functionalities, increase your handling capabilities, and update your user interface and that too without any problems.

    Yes, we do provide post-launching routine maintenance assistance to our own clients for helping them to run their company smoother in the first few days. This support program is free of charge for a short amount of time. After that, you should take advantage of our paid repair facilities, which are delivered at competitive rates.

    Connect to our support staff via e-mail—————— or otherwise call——————————. You can somehow also talk to us directly via the chatting option available on our own website.

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