Augmented Reality Game Development

We are top Augmented Reality Development Game Solutions provider, who provide high quality and top notch AR Based Game Services.

We are the leading Augmented Reality Game Development Company in India. Our unique and innovative approach would prove beneficial in delivering the best services to our clients. Our team is extremely talented and skilled and is highly knowledgeable.

Our solutions would help your business grow and expand.

Augmented Reality Game Development:

Many industrial sectors have already been using AR to resolve composite problems. In the years to come, the recently conducted surveys have revealed that AR would be used much more prominently due to its potentiality.

AR can be summarized as a technology that amplifies the experience of the world surrounding you. Extension of digitalized images/data on existent entities.

AR enhances the user’s relationship with the real world.

AR Game Development


We construct AR mobile game applications on multiple platforms – be it Android phone, Android tablet, iOS, or iPad.

  1. AR Balloon shooter games.
  2. AR Shooting kind of gaming application.
  3. AR Sports game application.
  4. AR Card game application.
  5. AR Chess, Ludo kind of game applications.
  6. AR Role-Playing Games.

Whatever might be your requirement, talk to us so that you get all your doubts clarified and we can start with the work immediately.

We can assist you in building AR game applications as you desire and on any platform you require.

Why Choose Next Big Technology?

  1. Our AR game developers, as well as designers, are having in-depth knowledge and we have invested a considerable amount of time in choosing our resources. Hence, every one of them is highly talented and experienced.
  2. Our developers and designers have good knowledge of all the latest AR tools for instance – ARToolkit, Vuforia, etc.
  3. Our dedicated team is always ready to work hard and deliver the best services to our clients.
  4. We make sure that every aspect of the progress of the project is communicated to the client in a timely manner.
  5. We deliver in time and we hand over bug-free software with high standards. We remain transparent with our clients.

Augumented Reality Game Development

Our Approach:

    1. Once the requirements are known to us, our AR developers, designers and analysts analyze the requirement thoroughly and list down the complexities and challenges that we might face during the development of the project.
    2. Our AR designers and developers work on the design and development of the project.
    3. Our testers test the application numerous times in order to find errors and thus fix them.
    4. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our works.

We guarantee that you would be happy and satisfied with our works.

Talk to our experts!

In case you are looking for the best AR Game Development Company then you can contact Next Big Technology.

We are here to serve you.

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