A Complete Guide to Customize Your Online Store with WooCommerce

A Complete Guide to Customize Your Online Store with WooCommerce


WooCommerce! It’s in high demand nowadays and people nowadays are looking forward to developing a customized store especially the web development companies are providing such services.

Let’s have a look at how can you customize your WooCommerce store…

You can put WooCommerce Blocks anywhere the Block Editor is empowered: Posts, pages, and custom post sorts. Start by exploring the page or post you’d prefer to alter, at that point click the Add Block symbol in the upper left corner. This will open a menu of every single accessible square. Extend the WooCommerce tab to see blocks explicit to your online store.


Product Blocks

Product blocks permit you to show items inside the page and post substance. This is an extraordinary method to connect to suggested items inside a blog entry, show your most recent items on a presentation page, or make a custom Shop page.

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All Products Block

The All Products Block shows the entirety of your items. This proves to be useful in the event that you need to embed other substances — Text, pictures, recordings, and so forth.

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Channel Blocks

Join channel blocks with the All Products Block to permit site guests to limit their item search. At the point when customers select a channel, items naturally update to meet their models, without reloading the page.


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Hand-Picked Products Block

The Hand-Picked Products Block permits you to physically choose the items you need to show. If you compose a blog entry named ‘Commemoration Gift Ideas,’ you could show explicit items that best fit that subject straightforwardly inside the post.

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Audit Blocks

63% of clients are bound to buy an item from a site with audits. The audit squares can help you feature client surveys across your site to give social verification and support deals relying upon your requirements.


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All Reviews Block

This is the square you need in the event that you might want to show the entirety of your item surveys without a moment’s delay. You could utilize this square to feature surveys on the landing page, include them on a greeting page, or make a page explicitly for tributes.

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Item Search Block

At the point when potential clients visit your site, they ought to have the option to discover what they’re searching for immediately. If they need to buy a particular item, the exact opposite thing you need is for them to need to explore through many more than one page of disconnected things. The Product Search Block gives a straightforward inquiry structure explicitly for items. Add it someplace obvious on your site — at the top or in the sidebar of your shop and classification pages — and permit customers to look for precisely what they need.

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This is how one can easily customize the WooCommerce store. If you too want the same and searching for someone to get such a service, visit NBT. Our team of experienced web app developers will provide you with great services.

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