What Ecommerce capabilities Can WooCommerce Open Up For You

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WooCommerce Development Company is easily available in today’s digital world, hence can be hired at a much easy pace of time.

Let us also define what is WooCommerce so that you can have a clear picture of what is it and what it does.

Coming to our definition regarding WooCommerce:

WooCommerce is a plugin that is readily available in e-commerce WordPress sites. This plugin specially designed for an e-commerce platform is of great value and use when an e-commerce website is being designed.

Let us discuss its importance and its advantages:

It’s an already designed plugin that can be dragged and dropped.

It is widely used while designing any e-commerce site to sell products and services.

Inventory and shipping are managed when a particular item is selected.

It is a very important aspect when an e-commerce site is considered because it is the plugin that is able to handle all kinds of e-commerce related activities such as warehouse management, selling goods, payment, and shipping. The processes involved in any materials management are very well executed through this plugin and hence its importance is of great value.

Its features are abundant and let us check them one by one:

  1. There is no limit to include any product and images from all kinds of perspectives can be included.
  2. You can include categories, tags, and attributes.
  3. Product reviews and ratings are displayed.
  4. Customize the store location.
  5. Stock-levels control.
  6. Geolocation can detect customers’ addresses to simplify the delivery process.
  7. Product sorting filtering capabilities.
  8. Many types of payment options are available.
  9. Adjustable shipping rates and taxes.
  10. Mobile friendly nature
  11. Free social media ads and Facebook stores extension.
  12. Managing orders such as refund or cancellation processes.

Other than WooCommerce? Any other option?

There are options available such as Shopify. This is also similar to WooCommerce but when comes to “customizing” undoubtedly WooCommerce is the best option to choose. There is no doubt about it.

Shopify is also similar to WooCommerce. It was originated in Canada and has achieved quite a decent following in today’s ongoing trend. It offers a comprehensive web builder procedure that you can easily follow and complete your process. It also integrates more than 70 payment gateways with checkouts in more than 50 languages. It offers good intuitive store and content management tools and a complete marketing suite with extraordinary features such as cart recovery, etc.

It is also one of the best e-commerce platforms to sell products or extend its services in any arena.

Let us find out the differences that run between WooCommerce and Shopify:

·         WooCommerce ·         Shopify
·         Very flexible ·         Has set pricing
·         This plugin is for persons who already have an e-commerce site. ·         Shopify comes with a complete package and one can simply build his online e-store using Shopify
·         Many numbers payment gateways are available ·         Even though payment gateways are plenty Shopify charges extra if other payment gateways are chosen apart from existing.
·         Self-hosted ·         No complete control

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WooCommerce is the ultimate winner because you have complete control of every aspect of the online e-store. Price is variable and reasonable according to the themes and designs which you would prefer. It is very flexible to use the WooCommerce plugin as you can sell any kind of legal products on your site without any hassles and problems.

Whereas in Shopify certain kinds of products are not allowed to sell on the online e-store front. Also, Shopify has fixed certain price values for designs, themes, etc. and the appropriate price is chosen by the customers.

And, Shopify charges extra price value if customers choose any other payment option apart from the list which Shopify includes.

In this manner, there are a lot more differences to talk about both kinds of online e-store builders.

WooCommerce adjusts itself to all kinds of customers’ business requirements and customizing in WooCommerce is appreciable. Hence many customers opt for WooCommerce over Shopify.

WooCommerce Development Company

When to prefer WooCommerce and When to choose Shopify?

Certain scenarios may motivate you to prefer e-commerce builders and you need to choose the right one. Is it not?

  1. If you are using WordPress, then it is better to go with the e-commerce plugin solutions.
  2. If your requirements are simple and have minimal variations then you can opt for WooCommerce.
  3. WooCommerce as we know it is flexible and has got good customizing ability, you can prefer WooCommerce website needs a different approach regarding pricing structure, item checkouts, etc.
  4. If you are planning to sell simple products and if you are a beginner selling products then you can go for Shopify.
  5. And, importantly if you are not interested in maintaining your e-site, then obviously Shopify should be your choice.

I hope you can justify by choosing the right kind of site builders for your shopping site according to your requirements.


WooCommerce wins over Shopify due to its simplicity and it has become one of the best e-commerce website solutions for entrepreneurs as it provides tailor-made solutions and it has established a good hold in the web and technological world today. It is emerging and growing rapidly as its services are not costlier than Shopify and hence preferred in today’s digital era. WooCommerce developers are much easier to find if you would want to use WooCommerce for developing your business site.

You can read the above article in order to get a clear picture of what are the different types of e-commerce web builders available and what are the differences present among them and why WooCommerce is mostly preferred by businesses.

I hope this article will clear all your confusion related to e-commerce web builders.

I would like to end this post by mentioning WooCommerce is commercially successful and it has a large number of capabilities and many features are available and they can be incorporated into your site.

So, undoubtedly WooCommerce Development becomes the best e-commerce site builder as it adapts according to your preferences and its endless features and add-ons are just mind-blowing.

Hire WooCommerce Developer with us to develop a high-quality and fully functional custom eCommerce website.

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