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    Zeplin to HTML Services

    Widget & CMS Ready Coding

    We always create Zeplin To Htm slicing in form of Widget ready, so Html can be easily used during implementation with any CMS like WordPress, Magento or with any framework like Laravel, Codeigniter etc.

    Highly Customizable

    Our sliced HTML is high customizable, it can be easily customized and modified as per your needs. We make it with best coding practices and with proper commenting so any one can easily update it.

    Excellent Quality

    We always follow best coding standards while converting Zeplin to Html, we follow SEO standards, W3c standards and HTML standards while converting it in to HTML/Css. We always follow all quality standards.

    Tested & Quality Code

    We always provide bug free code, which is fully tested and as per best coding practices. All code will be delivered after complete quality control and standard has been maintained.

    Best Code Practices

    We always follow best coding practices, we always code with keeping all standards in mind. We always focus to supply quality code.

    Page Speed Optimization

    We always make HTML, CSS slicing with proper speed optimization, we use optimized images, css and js, which will allow page to load faster.

    Seo Friendly Code

    Our sliced HTML, CSS always build as per SEO standards, we follow all SEO basic rules and guidelines while developing HTML/CSS page. We make all tags as per Google SEO guidelines.

    Fully Responsive

    We always make page Fully Responsive, so it works perfect in all kind of devices of different sizes. Our developed HTML/CSS works perfect in all devices like Iphone, Ipad, Android Phones, Tabs, Laptops and all desktop devices.

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