What are the various features and cost of OLX Clone Application Development

features and cost of OLX Clone Application Development

Online markets have been very common in recent years. All of this happens into an internet auction app or otherwise, website, whether you are somehow buying a product online these days, selling or perhaps buying an old one, searching for or somehow posting a highly classified one. It was noted that most users prefer to use a particular Smartphone device devoted to the global marketplace rather than just a website.

That is why this manufacturing industry has actually been in higher demand lately. If you are looking to create your own online marketplace application very much like OLX, this guidebook is here for helping.  You can actually use the mobile application store to sell or rent everything, like old products, utilities, rooms, or property, and put ads online very much like OLX. NBT solutions usually charge 5000USD to 20000USD for one time and 15USD for 20 USD for the hourly rate.

Features on the app

Get to know exactly more here about the software through its particular amazing capabilities and more business-specific expansion and incorporation.

Subcategories and Category

Easily segmented now for admin categorization and somehow also enables user-friendly collection and distribution by the vendor.

Factory Invoice

At the completion of the job, a comprehensive invoice here will be generated and the end-user will indeed download perhaps the invoice.


Using firebase, real-time push alerts to keep the customer and provider up-to-date on the status and everything.

User Experience

User-friendly application and fully functional interface for Site Management.

User Panel Features

Login/Registration form

Simple login/registration is enough for the user to build their profile.

Verification of Customer

Provides validation of the identity via a telephone number or email to obtain the validity of the customer.

Browse & Category

Users will browse through different categories and otherwise post a free ad if required.

Simple to Search

Users may also scan for a specific product. Users can indeed buy and sell goods as well.

Uploads Users can conveniently upload photos for their own product with the full information provided.

Payment Modules

It provides quick payment options mostly with different digital wallets, credit cards, and otherwise cash on arrival.

Real-Time Chatting

Users may contact the seller or otherwise buyer directly via a real-time chatting feature, making their experience easier.

Customer Support somewhere in the event of any problems, the user can indeed contact Customer Support; this function resolves all doubts and otherwise issues.

Admin Panel Features

Dashboard Admin will somehow have a dashboard where just they can track and see the whole operations.

Manage your company Customer Admin can handle sellers and otherwise buyers as the admin can simply add and reject sellers and otherwise buyers demands.

Integration of CRM

The need to add this function is to increase performance and save time and resources for the various activities.

Reporting and analysis

Analytical evaluations of ads put on the software will be made available to the particular dashboard administrator.

Push Notifications Admin can provide consumers with notifications about new items added, merchandise exchanged bids and more.

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