What Are the Features of the Best CMS Platform to Develop Websites Like OLX Or Quikr?

What Are the Features of the Best CMS Platform to Develop Websites Like Like OLX Or Quikr

OLX and Quikr are where the client can sell their old stuff and bring in some cash from it. Also, present promotes for on lease or get something for lease like property. Also, post promotes forbid for employment and so forth as you most likely are aware in OLX or Quikr, the client can transfer photographs and give the insight regarding the publicizing with area detail. Finally, the client can decide to post free ads or post-supported promotions. So, before we dive into the insight of choosing the best CMS platform as mentioned by the website development India experts, let’s understand the features.





Major Features Highlighted In the Best CMS Platform

  1. Item Module for Clients

In this kind of platform, not an administrator or merchant can transfer an item however the client can transfer the item. Beyond what one picture can be transferred. Product title and detail ought to be entered, Location of the client needs to put and furthermore value he needs to sell their item. It’s an on-time sell item and one item can be accessible on the site within the restricted season period. 5 to 10 days, it’s up to administrator designs.

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  1. Product Listing

Item posting at front for the clients with classes channels, where the client can look through the item and channel by value range and another boundary.

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  1. Visit Module

The client can begin to visit with the client to show interest in the specific item and arrange the cost and request contact detail and so forth.

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  1. Included Item Module

The client can broaden the life of the item on the webpage and make it first in the pursuit at the site for that specific classification by making the included item. The client can pay a modest quantity to make the included item.

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  1. Register &Login Module

What’s more, other common modules are required like Blog, Newsletter, and so forth.

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Two Major CMS Platforms to Build Websites Like OLX Or Quikr

  • WordPress

WordPress suits with some degree of customization and utilizing a blend of some modules. If you need to utilize the Woocomerce or utilize an altered fresh box new module for OLX and Quikr. There is a lot of talking module in WordPress, that you can utilize that suit you.

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  • Joomla

If you use Joomla to make the site clone of the OLX and Quikr. Again there is no premade component or module which suits the total necessity. Be that as it may, you can modify some parts and make OLX or Quikr clone. This can also be one of the best platforms to build a website like OLX or Quikr.

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Summing Up!!!

So, these are some of the features that every best CMS platform should have. So, if you want to build a website like OLX or Quikr and looking forward to the right platform, then you should consider these features. For more help, feel free to
hire web developer from Next Big Technology.