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    Website Redesign: Effective tips to increase lead generation opportunities

    Amit Shukla

    What do lead generation opportunities mean?

    First of all, if you are running any business organization and if you are trying to sell your products you must be able to generate leads.

    Let us know who is lead. Any person or consumer who approaches with his/her own interest in your business organization to purchase your product/service, then that particular person is defined as a lead.

    So, now we know who is lead. To increase lead generation opportunities, you need to modify the medium of contact through which you would sell your product/service.

    Nowadays, there is no wonder that every one of us uses the website to order or to avail service. So, people would prefer such websites which look attractive and also if the website is easy to use and navigate.

    Circumstances or situations during which you have to opt for Website Redesign Company:

    • If your website appears dull and is not able to attract users, then you might have to opt for website redesigning.
    • If the redesigning was done very long ago that is around 5-6 years or so,
    • When you compare your website with your competitors if the site looks imperfect and dull.
    • If you have applied the default template which is most commonly present on other sites.

    So, all these above situations will drive you to redesign your site and that is a good decision taken by you.

    Few effective tips to increase lead generation opportunities:

    1. Adopt the definitive strategy regarding your website redesign.

    Look at your website once from the customer perspective and tend to analyze all the defects of your website. Spend some time on your website thinking you are a customer or user. Note down all the faults. Now, make a plan as to how to modify your site as soon as possible. Else you might incur losses if your website looks old and is not updated. So, as soon as you make a plan, consider those faults and now you have to make sure that necessary changes are made regarding the design application, its elements, software security, antivirus, firewall, themes, and much more. If you are an expert in redesigning your site, you can do it by yourself. Else, you can get the help of professionals so that they do it with perfectness. For this, you might have to get the help of a Website Redesign Company


    1. Select or Website Redesign Company which is best.

    It is always safe to get the designing work done by professionals in order to avoid wastage of time and money. By conducting proper research regarding the selection of a good agency, you will save a lot of time and money. Once you have picked a reputable and professional web design agency, you can move forward and hire the agency. A good agency puts you in a safe zone because professionals and experts are present to handle and correct your design elements, etc. You can also make sure that your website is SEO friendly or not. If not, you can ask the experts to re-design an SEO-friendly website.

    Website Redesign Company

    1. Adopt KISS rule – Keep it super simple

    Every one of us would love to browse the site only if the site is flexible and easy to use. So, to fulfill this policy, you need to make sure that your site is super simple to handle and navigate. Instruct your agency which you have hired to use minimalistic design elements and also ask the professionals to keep the web pages simple and easy so that they are easy to navigate and browse. Most importantly, the required piece of information which the customer wants to get must be present on the site with an optimum amount of speed. If the speed of the site is too slow, the audience tends to move away from browsing your site.


    • Based on your selection of the appropriate themes, your site is going to look appealing and pleasing to the customers.
    • Minimal usage of ads, videos, etc. will provide white space on the website for the visitors which enables the audience to read the content clearly.
    • Usage of convenient plugins will help your website to load faster when operated from all kinds of devices.
    • Contact information, social media links, address, review and rating forms, etc. will enable customer interaction.
    • The search field on the top of the website helps the audience to search for the relevant product without the wastage of their time.
    • Registration and subscription processes that are easy and hassle-free will bring in more customers as it will save a lot of time.


    1. Modernize your website landing page

    Once a customer searches for your site the search engine bots direct the customer to your website landing page. Based on the landing page of your site, the audience tends to buy products or avail services from your site. So, it is important that your site is SEO-friendly and the site appears on the search engine bots with a good ranking when compared to other sites. Low-ranking sites will not appear on searches and thereby becomes unrecognized.


    1. Content updating:

    If your site is amended and re-designed without updating content, it doesn’t make sense right. Make sure you update the relevant content according to your site’s products/services.


    1. Make sure your CTA buttons are working as expected.

    Your click-to-action buttons must be designed in the way which you expect them to function. The buttons must be enabled and their functionality should be tested before activating the site. You may lose big opportunities in case your CTA buttons are not working properly. Ensure you contact experts or professionals to get the CTA buttons to work actively and as expected if you face any complications.


    1. Test before launching your site.

    Please assure that your site is working as expected. Because you might get to know a few bugs which can be fixed before launching in order to avoid confusion in the later period. Hire web designers with whom you are working to test the site appropriately. There might be some issues such as 404 error, security features, cross-browser compatibility, etc. So, testing all the website elements is a good practice in order to launch a successful website.

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    We have discussed all the points briefly associated with the website redesign. We have also got to know a few points that increase lead generation opportunities. You can contact a website design company if you are planning for a website redesign of yours. If you are a professional website designer, you can handle all designing complexities by yourself. If not, dent risk yourself by working with non-reputable firms. Always prefer reputed agencies who are experts in handling your site re-design. Also, a website redesign is a good makeover if you are incurring losses or if your site re-designing was done long before. Revitalizing your site’s look is the best choice and is preferred to be done when necessary as it can benefit you in many ways.

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