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    Viber Clone App Development

    Make your relationships stong by directly connecting to your close ones with just a single tap. Manage pretty much everything with the help of instant voice and video calls to further create some communities.

    Viber Clone App Development Package

    Web Apps-1

    Web Application

    Fully customizable and advanced website with an outstanding front end to chat, log in, call or easily update their vital information.

    Mobile Apps-1

    Mobile Application

    Easy to use, white-labelled, iOS and Android mobile applications with unconventional features together with in-built native source code for simple execution.

    Admin Dashboard

    Interactive Admin Dashboard

    A sturdy all-in-one dashboard for checking the user’s activities from reviewing negotiations in approving messages, group chats, to organizing reported numbers.

    100% Customizable-1

    Fully Customizable

    Never-ending options for your application and change the looks of your application with extra add-on support as well as complete documentation of the application code.


    Quality Testing

    End-to-end testing for each level, following all the important rules of the application development with affordable manual and automatic testing systems.

    Viber Clone App Development Services

    Ever tried to dig into the development of the Viber Clone application? NBT is actually the most appropriate place for you to stop by. We are somehow one of the market leading mobile application clone script development companies. Our best Viber Clone Application supports both iOS and even Android devices and it usually comes with a comprehensive multi-functional administrator dashboard.

    Make the entire world a much smaller place with the help of our modern, multi-faceted, HD-quality voice and video call written script. Enjoy instead a myriad of different end-to-end security features such as Voice over IP, closed communities, image sharing, media sharing, location sharing, and many more with a good Viber-like app. in certain other words, let the users stay in contact with everyone across the world with our next generation of highly customized clone of viber app.


    Viber Clone App Key Features


    Profile Management Feature

    Give the customers a streamlined experience with an easy for using user interface to manage their accounts, update their status, change their own contact details, and more. 


    Sharing Center Feature

    Share anything with someone you like including notes, photographs, addresses, videos, live location notifications, etc. The NBT Viber Replica application helps you to easily get some content from your own chat history.


    Settings & Permissions Option

    Want to somehow know the status of the text that you sent or want to narrow the particular audience? Control pretty much everything, including the status, profile image, last view, etc. by just tweaking the individual contact settings which is done basically by the user’s sole discretion.


    Notifications System

    Let the users know about new texts, changes to contact information and otherwise updates to status. Keep the user interactions going with the hassle-free contacting from anywhere at any point of time.


    Voice & Video Calling Feature

    Get face-to-face chats or otherwise call your own loved ones relatively free from pretty much any country. Enjoy HD-based calling services and conveniently convert between audio and otherwise video through this function.


    Linked Up With Social Media Option

    Make the login process simpler by allowing users to upload photos from their own Facebook account, Instagram and some other profiles. Link every social media site and post photos or even engage in some of the public conversations with popular celebrities.


    Chat Feature

    Users can easily configure the chat settings now as per their preference from the group chats to further stickers/animations. Communicate mostly with the particular emojis in a playful manner and share the true feelings.


    Synchronize Contacts System

    Get rid of the whole tiresome task of attaching contacts to your application. Contacts can be coordinated on the server system in near real time by just using the NBT Viber Replica application. And if anyone enters later, they will be included in the total contact list.


    History Data

    With the particular encryption keys on the devices of users and the particular end-to-end encryption, all messages stay between you and everyone whom you speak to. So, there is still worry-free texting!


    Hide Chats Feature

    Hidden chats feature of Viber clone app permits you to hide any type of conversations and use them whenever you wish to with a confidential pin.


    Self-Destructing Chat Option

    You can stay within the radar with confidential chats which can get deleted automatically. You can self-destruct your crucial messages with an effective self-destruct timer and get pleasure from the improved privacy settings.


    Message Center Solution

    Administrator can manage all the conversations of group chats with removing unnecessary messages, making a decision whether users can post any type of content and prohibiting users that don’t follow the rules of community.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    We provide different attributes in our application. A few of the special features that we offer contain hidden chats, end-to-end encryption, and a lot more.

    Yes, you can without a problem change any number of features of your application with enough ease even after delivery of the product. For example, you can add the feature of “double account” by permitting users to add more than one account throughout one app.

    Yes, you can easily change the functionalities according to your needs.

    Yes. We can give you with technical help support any time you want, after the development phase is done. We, at NBT, have always been dedicated to extending high-quality services. In case you come across any problems, you can notify us and we will keep informed the status as early as possible.

    No. The application developing does not contain any hidden charges apart from just one-time payment.

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