Upwork Clone App Development

Unemployment can be eliminated and transform your dream into bridging the gap between employers and job seekers easily. Create your out-of-the-box freelancing application with Next Big Technology’s Upwork Clone app.
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Upwork Clone App Development Services

Next Big Technology’s Upwork Clone App will give the best opportunity to create a bridge between job seekers and job providers with advanced functionality. Unemployment can be made a myth but even the best opportunity to the users with the various condition. Use one of the most powerful admin dashboards along with massive functionalities.

Features of Upwork Clone App

These are the best possible features is being offered by Next Big Technology’s Upwork Clone App to the users.
Celebrity Profiles
Easy Profile Creation
Allow the freelancers to get noticed by the recruiters with the dynamic profile creation by updating various profile details. Give the best opportunity to include they are work history and skill set which will attract the employers.
Social Media Advertising
Seamless Communication
The help of private messaging along with the rating of the services received by the employers will increase the communication and production of the freelancer. There are various requirements to be fulfilled along with the proper date line projection and delivery.
Safe Payment Methods
Get the uninterrupted secure payment processor along with various payment gateways and payment methods. Payment methods include credit card, debit card, net banking, e-wallet, etc.
Countless Opportunities
Get the biggest opportunity to both freelancers and employers by getting them in communication. They can view each other’s profiles along with other projects in the portfolios by attracting future jobs. Anyone shares files along with creating the work with work experience.
Escrow Commissions
The commission percentage can be set up by the app admin who will handle the payment between freelancers and employees easily.
Dispute Management
Dispute Management
Get an efficient dispute management handling system by resolving various issues between employers and freelancers.
Membership Plans
Membership Plans
Every freelancer can enroll for a membership plan which lens used to get the proper service in the app. Similarly, employees can buy credit for placing bits on various projects according to their requirements.
Premium Benefits
Give premium features to various users giving them access to redeem requests for recruiters and job seekers.
Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration
The app is having complete integration of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This will enable the freelancers to show their authentic profile before they can receive any project from the employers.

Earning Revenue from Upwork Clone App

Earning revenue with these easy procedures from Next Big Technology’s Upwork Clone App.
Project assessment
Project Listing Fee
Earning revenue with these easy procedures from Next Big Technology’s Upwork Clone App.
Skill Test Commission
Earning revenue with these easy procedures from Next Big Technology’s Upwork Clone App.
Specialist Employees
Employer Commission
After every milestone is achieved by the freelancers they will receive a commission from the employer according to the assigned project.
Freelancer Commission
Freelancer Commission
Every charge the freelancers with various commissions after getting their milestone payments from employers and also winning project bids from the recruiters.
Feature Fee
Feature Fee
Get featured as the best freelancer and verified which will ensure the recruiters get connected with you easily. You can receive commissions based on various efficient algorithms offered to freelancers.
Sealed Fee
Freelancers will get the ability to hide their visibility along with the Bidding status by providing a sealed fee to the app admin.
Private Fee
Private Fee
Protect the actual data of the project along with protection from knowledge to result by providing private fees. This is one of the best ways to ensure commissions from the employers as well as from the freelancers.
Investors and entrepreneurs need membership fees for joining the application service.
Invoice Commission
Get paid by the freelancers along with the employers by generating invoices after every successful project completion.

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