Thinking of 100% customizable TikTok clone App

TikTok clone can be used to launch instead a fun-to-use, simple and intuitive service of video sharing which is completely customizable. Take advantage of world-class characteristics such as harmful messaging, video different filters, options for sharing on social media, and much more. Try out our TikTok/Dubsmash clone mobile app. Begin right away.

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What Exactly is TikTok clone App & Dubsmash clone?

Video sharing however has taken the marketplace by storm and otherwise has quickly become the most popular application in the ecosystem of social media. Users now use this particular platform for expressing themselves for the rest of the world to indeed see and enjoy. The marketplace has not slowed, and many players are vying for a piece of the tasty pie. Keep people glued to their smart devices now for many hours by creating your own little app using our TikTok Clone application, Dubsmash Clone application, and perhaps Musically Clone app. Our own TikTok like Application Development solution provides you with the most advanced application, complete with cutting-edge features for keeping you on the top trending page at all times!

Features which are provided in our TikTok Clone Script

User Login/Sign Up

Users at NBT should use their own email addresses, telephone numbers, or otherwise social media accounts to sign up for the application. Logging in with the registered credentials is possible.

Privacy Settings
Privacy & Security Setting

Users should modify their particular privacy settings to suit their needs. They will only share their video content with their followers or actually the general public.

Easy to use Home Section

It is now the part of the application that shows whenever you log in particularly to it. All the pages are actually listed here for easier access.

View User Profile
User Profile

Users can indeed view all the profiles and perhaps videos of all of the other users. They will share, like, and perhaps follow the profiles which are interesting and amusing to them.

Create Video
Easily Make Videos

Users of NBT can produce videos in which they can easily express themselves by lip-syncing to particularly an audio file accessible in the application. They would use the platform to dance, express themselves, and do other things.

General Settings

Users can easily manage their own profiles through a variety of settings options, such as viewing application content, sharing their profiles with some other people, and many more.

Find Videos

Users can find particular videos of some other users by searching for the regular users, hash tags, or even a searching term.

In-Build Push Notifications

In-app alerts of NBT will notify users here about the trending videos, trending hash tags, videos of some people which they follow, and more.

Watch Video
Watch Online Videos

On the particular video-sharing platform, people can watch online videos which are shared by some other users. They will like, comment, and perhaps share it with other people by double-tapping. They can somehow also see the particular location of the video and user information.

Why Come Join Us For TikTok Clone Application?

Our company has devoted its resources for developing the most innovative and perhaps cutting-edge app to further keep users involved and amused during the process. We are the perfect option to help bringing your idea to life due to our years of study and perhaps successful growth of countless social media applications.

Fully Customizable Solutions

Our TikTok Clone app is easily customizable to meet your specific requirements. Integrate a variety of distinctive video-based entire social media platforms, such as with video selfie mobile apps, music and otherwise video dubbing apps, applications for live video streaming, and some others.

In-App Purchase integration
Payment Gateway integration

Clients usually can monetize their own application by just accepting payments mostly from regular users in exchange for the access to some special features built into the application.

Advanced Prebuilt Scripts
Exceptional Prebuilt Scripts

With our own prebuilt cutting-edge video selfie app, video dubbing app, music-video dubbing application, and other services, your application can be created and created more quickly and easily released on all main platforms.

Scalable Design
Scalable Design

Our best Musically Clone mobile apps have been named the market’s actual secure and effective software.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language
Multiple Currency & Language Support

Cater to a worldwide audience by providing their preferred language and therefore the regional currency which is totally based on their particular location.

Referral Programme

The Dubsmash Clone application has a special marketing feature that allows people to share referrals with friends and even family and be rewarded for it. These options can be changed as desired by the admin.

SEO Friendly
Based on SEO Guidelines

Our built-in feature of SEO allows the app to attain higher rankings by being indexed more quickly. Designed for being a joy to work on for SEO professionals.

Comments Option

Our TikTok Clone Application is created with technologically advanced inbuilt Chabot tracking services for ensuring user engagement.

Secure In All Aspect

You will obtain the safest and secure mobile app on the marketplace, which has been subjected to various testing levels in order to avoid any unexpected hacking or otherwise service interruption.

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