An App which is similar to Spotify

A Spotify clone application is therefore the key to breaking into and gaining a competitive edge in the highly lucrative audio streaming industry. You will actually own an application that will captivate music fans all over the world with particular cutting-edge Spotify clone application development services. Your customers would appreciate a robust platform that allows them to access millions of songs of various genres. We at NBT provide a fully customizable Spotify clone application to easily meet the needs of your customers. Are you ready to create a Spotify-like application, or otherwise something which is even better?

Benefits Of Having A Identical Spotify App

Music is indeed universal, and it’s never just too late to launch a great audio streaming company with an application and a website. Spotify, with 75 million live users and perhaps growing, is the ideal prototype for entrepreneurs looking to launch an appealing app. We at NBT will help you further in customizing the Spotify clone mobile app to meet your needs, which will benefit both you and your clients. In an audio streaming application, people look for the following characteristics.

Music Categorization

Users of NBT are presented with a personalized playlist of music based mostly on the songs they usually listen to or otherwise search for. Personalization can be used to entertain people in a variety of ways.

Offline Access

Users should use the particular offline mode to download that particular song and otherwise listen to it without needing to connect to the internet. This is by far the most widely used feature on the marketplace.

Easy To Use

From registration further to song listening, the application is easy to use. Users can indeed listen either to their favourite songs with much ease thanks to the countless features.

Unpaid Subscription

A free subscription service or otherwise trial time to provide NBT users with free access. Following the end of the trial period, users will be actually charged a subscription fee at the sole discretion of the particular service provider. After making a payment, perhaps the user would be able to access all the songs again.

Music Collection

With millions and millions of different songs mostly from various genres available, users also will be spoiled for choice. Customers can choose from a variety of music options thanks to the sophisticated application.

How To Earn With Spotify Clone App?

It all boils down to further making money by providing full user satisfaction instead in business. These are particularly some of the possible ways a successful entrepreneur can make money with their audio streaming application.

In-build App Ads

Ads have the potential to appear wherever there is a large audience. Make money from advertisements.

Prime Features

Certain features, such as ad-free listening, may be available for a fee. For instance, download, offline access, and so on.


A subscription fee can indeed be paid to actually listen offline or somehow to newer releases. Users who really pay will take advantage of a slew of incredible benefits.

Key Features of Spotify Clone APP

Our key features at NBT are what really make your mobile app compelling, distinct, and appealing. The following are the key features to actually be found in the particular music streaming application by us.

Login Authentication

Because registration is actually the first step, it must be straightforward and fast. We provide simple registration via social media/email.
Download Songs-11

Download/Save Option

The user’s desired tracks can be further cached for listening offline.

Browsing (Songs)

Users can easily search mostly by track name, artist name, genre of music, and so on.

Trending Tracks

The trending or otherwise the most listened tracks are labeled as such. This keeps the user up to date with what is new in the whole industry.
Multilingual Support-1

Multilingual Support

Languages have been added to further support all kinds of users and otherwise their language preferences. This feature aids in catering to a worldwide audience.


Specific suggestions of comparable songs are indeed listed based totally on the interest of users in the different songs, recording artist, musical genre, or even tracks which they search.

Recently Played

Under the section of “Recently Played?” the application displays an updated list of the songs and otherwise playlists recently played by the users.
Social Sharing-1

Social Media Sharing

Share a particular song upon Facebook, twitter, and some other social media platforms. Then you really can also copy the whole link and send it via SMS or another method.


Make a playlist of the user’s favourite songs. The music playlist can be named by the user, and perhaps songs can be added or removed from the list. Users have the option of sharing their playlist mostly with their own friends.

Multiple Payment Gateways

A variety of payment methods however are available to ensure a smooth transaction.


Users will form groups made up of music fans, fairly common alums, or musicians at their sole discretion. A user should also subscribe to some other users’ music playlists and perhaps listen to them.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

We provide complete customization. Our application developers will ensure that your app is precisely tailored to meet the needs of your company.

Yes, we do provide a web solution. Your application will be installed in Android and iOS according to your specifications.

Yes, we will always have your back. Despite the fact that we provide a comprehensive and bug-free phone app, we will provide support services for upgrades.

Yes, we simply ensure however that the application is subjected to extensive internal testing. Once which is completed, we try to ensure that the whole Beta testing is indeed carried out as soon as possible.

Yes, you are welcome to meet with our talented developers and discuss your app specifications.

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