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    Sports Betting App Development Services

    Sports Betting Mobile App Development Solution:

     Sports is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. Every one like to play any kind of sport just to relax or have fun. Intervening of technology has directed people towards sports betting mobile apps.

     If you are looking for the best mobile and app development company in India then you can contact Next Big technology as we are pioneers in building sports betting mobile applications. If you want to generate high returns then it is a good thought to own a sports betting mobile app as there is high possibility to earn promising profits.


    Sports Betting Mobile App Development:

    We are experienced in building sports betting mobile applications on any platform – Android and iOS. We have skilled sports betting mobile app developers who are proficient in building any kind of sports app, be it cricket betting app or soccer betting app , basketball betting app or whatever kind of sports app – we can offer the best sports betting mobile app development solutions as our solutions tend to be cross-platform friendly and can run promptly on Android and iOS platforms as well and therefore we can assure user-friendly and robust sports betting mobile applications.

     We can build various sports betting mobile apps.

     Features of sports betting mobile app:


    1.      Registration:

    The user can register by filling up all the mandatory details and can access the app

    2.      Social media login:

    The user can access the app using social media accounts.

    3.      Sports selection:

    The user can choose any sport of his/her interest.

    4.      Upcoming events:

    If there are any matches it can be got to know through this feature.

    5.      Live event:

    The user can watch the event in lively manner.

    6.      Tips:

    The user can get to know any betting suggestions, ideas.

    7.      Schedule:

    The user can choose any date and day and accordingly schedule the match.

    8.      Updates:

    The user can get to know the scores at regular time intervals.

    9.      Payments:

    The user can make payments for relevant sport betting activities.

    10.  Betting:

    The user can bet according to his/her.

    11.  Withdraw money:

    The money can be withdrawn using this feature.

    12.  Multi-language:

    The user has the freedom of choosing the language of his/her choice.

    13.  Multi-currency:

    The user can choose the currency of his/her preference.

    14.  Score board:

    Live scores can be got to known.

    15.  Offline mode:

    The app can be accessed using offline mode too.

    16.  My Tickets:

    The user can purchase tickets when ticket sale is going on.

    17.  Share:

    The app can be shared-friends/family members.

    18.  Chat/Message:

    The user can chat or message with another user and so on.

    19.  Group chat:

    The users can chat in group using the feature.

    20.  Discounts/Coupons:

    The user can make use of the discounts/coupons when provided.

    21.  Winner announcement:

    Once the match ends the winner can be got to known.

    22.  Profile settings:

    The user can edit/modify and can save the changes.

    23.  History:

    The user can refer to history feature to know past information.

    24.  AR/VR:

    We use AR/VR technologies to enhance the apps complete outlook.

    25.  Betting document guidelines:

    The user can refer to the guidelines provided for better understanding regarding the rules and regulations of the complete betting process.

    26.  E-commerce sporting accessories:

    The person can buy any sporting accessories if needed such as t-shirts and so on.

    27.  Coins:

    The user can make use of coins in order to play initially for practice purpose and so on


    Admin Panel:

    1.      Manage user accounts.

    2.      Manage payments.

    3.      Manage winner announcements.

    4.      Manage discounts.

    5.      Manage sports activities.

    6.      Manage players.

    7.      Handle issues/complaints.

    8.      Reporting and statistics.


    Our Approach:

    1. As soon as we gather requirements, we analyze them thoroughly and examine the list of upcoming challenges in the project.
    2. We build product prototype after evaluating lot of stuff.
    3. Our front-end and back-end developers start with the developmental works and integrate API’s.
    4. We test the software thoroughly to detect any issues/errors.
    5. We deploy and launch the software successfully.

    Why us?

    1. We customize 100%.
    2. We can build any kind of sports betting mobile apps.
    3. We have considerable experience in building sports betting applications as we can build gamut of sports betting mobile apps.
    4. We deliver high quality software.
    5. We deliver in time and use latest technologies.

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