Online Taxi Booking App

Online Taxi Booking App

Online Taxi Booking App lets users book taxis online and commutes to the location of their choice conveniently.

How it works:

  1. Users sets their location using the GPS or Zip code
  2. User enters the location where he wishes to go
  3. List of all the available vehicles types with their costs is displayed
  4. Users books a ride
  5. Driver gets a notification of the booking, he can accept or reject it
  6. A driver is assigned to the user
  7. He navigates to the user location via in-built map in the app
  8. User embarks on the ride by providing the OTP
  9. User can see ETA for their desired location
  10. User can pay online on the app or via Cash on Delivery 

The app has 3 modules

  1. End user app
  2. Driver app
  3. Admin  Dashboard
Online Taxi Booking App


Online Taxi Booking App

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