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    On-Demand Dry Cleaning App Development

    Take your Dry Cleaning business to new heights with high functional and enrich features of our online Dry Cleaning platform.  Enjoy the simple, convenient, and flexible way of Dry-cleaning services at your doorstep.


    Dry Cleaning App Development Company

    Next big technology is considered as one of the leading on-demand Dry Cleaning App Development companies across the globe. We are committed to expanding your business to its maximum possible limit by offering a Customized and Ready-made fully-fledged Dry-Cleaning App as per the business and individual requirements. Our team is comprised of expert and dedicated designers and developers.

    We aim to deliver the services with all the necessary features and desired colors and themes. Customers can also ask for clone apps like Washio and Uber Laundry App on both Android and iOS Platforms. This will help them run the Dry Cleaning software for their business easily and it further saves their time and cost both.

    An extensive experience and high knowledge of tools and technologies influence our developers to create unique and highly functional Dry Cleaning software for smooth functioning and business success.


    Perks of having a Dry Cleaning App with NBT

    One Tap Request Button

    One Tap Request Button

    People are always in a hurry these days. A one-tap request button in our on-demand Dry Cleaning app lets users access the services in just a click without wasting any time in typing.

    In App Messaging

    Our dry-cleaning app enables direct communication between the user and the business. This special feature eases the interaction and makes the entire process smooth.

    Push Notification

    Push Notification

    To get a reminder of order and delivery along with the Dry Cleaning status, customers can use a push-notification feature in the Dry-Cleaning Mobile App of NBT.

    Real-Time Tracking

    Real-Time Tracking

    The records and tracking of real-time order status are possible now with our Dry-Cleaning App.



    Customers can schedule their laundry or dry-cleaning services anywhere anytime.

    Online Payment

    Online Payment

    Online Payment modes are easily available to our customers in the form of different modules like Authorize.net, PayPal, Stripe etc.

    Get Best Dry Cleaning App Solutions

    Working of a Dry-Cleaning App Panel

    Get to know the basic understanding of dry-cleaning software solutions


    • Users can register and sign-in to the Dry Cleaning mobile application using their social or email account.

    • Tracking the order status and the Dry Cleaning man using Google Maps or GPS is now easy for the users.

    • Users can search the nearby Dry Cleaning service providers at the nearby current locations with NBT’S Dry Cleaning  application.

    • Users can manage and view the order status. In other words, reviewing the process or stage of the order can be possible.

    • Our on-demand Dry Cleaning service app enables the users to choose the appropriate Dry Cleaning store and review the prices as per their suitability.

    • To make further transactions smooth, users can view their previous orders from the order history.

    • After selecting the desired laundry or dry-cleaning services, users can add the pickup and delivery date as per their convenience.

    • Users can refer or share the Dry Cleaning app services to their friends and family and earn rewards and incentives.

    • Avail best offers and discounts according to the deals on our Dry-Cleaning App.

    • Ratings and Reviews allow customers to share their service feedback to apricate and motivate them to do better.

    • Easy online payment is possible at our Dry Cleaning delivery app via PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net or Wallets.



    • The Dry Cleaning business must be signed-up on our on-demand dry-cleaners app using their basic contact details like address, name, contact, etc.

    • A service provider of the application can decide and add their service price as per their choice and convenience.

    • Using an email id and password, a Dry Cleaning person can log-in to the Dry Cleaning service mobile app.

    • By accessing the “view order history” feature, a service provider can track and fulfill their orders.

    • According to the business status and requirements, he/she can easily view and manage their application profile.

    • Considering the costs and profit margins, the Dry-Cleaning service person can manage the offers and discounts for the users.

      • This feature of the service provider panel of NBT Dry Cleaning applications allows the business to view the order request and accept/Reject them accordingly.

    • To know the customer’s satisfaction with the Dry Cleaning app, the service providers can view their reviews and ratings.

      • Dry Cleaning service providers can accept and decline their dry-cleaning order and react consequently.

      • Our on-demand Dry Cleaning  mobile app offers an opportunity to the providers to view their statistics and know the total number of users, their earning, and commission.



    • Admin can manage the activities of all the laundrymen.

    • CMS Dry Cleaning software solution and admin panel of NBT’s application can track the content delivered to the users.

    • An admin can manage and control all the activities performed by the user on the dry-cleaning app.

    • For business growth, an admin can track the total number of users, active users, and further maintains the data.

    • The admin panel of the dry-cleaning application can manage the commission of the users and the payment of the partners.

      • Payment of every Dry Cleaning service can be managed via our Dry-Cleaning app.

    • An admin panel of the application can manage the categories of different products with an assigned manager under each category.

      • Commission of the users and service providers can be easily managed by the admin panel.


    Process of On-Demand Dry Cleaning App

    1. User will Sign-up/ register on the Dry Cleaning Mobile App.

    7. Service Provider Accept/Reject the Request accordingly.

    2. User will send the request to the admin to get a Dry Cleaning Service.

    8. User gets a notification of confirmation.

    3. A choice will be given to the user.

    9. Service provider will send the Dry Cleaning men to collect the clothes for dry-cleaning.

    4. User will select the service provider & view the price as per their convenience.

    10. Laundrymen will serve customers and provide clean clothes to them.

    5. User sends a service request & send all their requirements.

    11. Service providers will update their order completion at the panel.

    6. Admin sends a customer’s request to the Laundrymen.

    12. Customer will provide their feedback using review and ratings.

    Why choose NBT for your Dry-cleaning Software Development?

    You can choose us for different reasons.


    Team Dedication

    Customer Support


    Experienced Developers


    On-Time Delivery Project

    There are different reasons which show how NBT is the best Dry Cleaning app development company today. We offer highly-customized and readymade dry-cleaning software solutions to expand your business and help you better serve your customers. Our experienced and well-qualified developers have the ability to fulfill your demands from the scratch and deliver you the best result possible as per your business requirements. It will save both your time and money. Also, we provide a Dry Cleaning service app like washio and Uber clone.


    NBT provides you a cost-effective laundry delivery app with an estimated cost of $5k – $20k on average for a single platform, Android, or iOS.
    Our On-demand Dry Cleaning application services have become one of the largest marketplaces where clients can book their Dry Cleaning service from a business and pay according to their service satisfaction and requirements.

    The working process of an on-demand laundry app is:

    1. An on-demand Dry Cleaning app works like making a log-in request for Dry Cleaning, selecting the date and time for picking up an order, the admin receives the request and checks the availability with the washer. He then, accepts the user request and send him the available details, the laundryman will update it on the application, services will be made and delivered it back to the owner.
    2. Select the date and time for picking up the clothes.
    3. Admin receives the request.
    4. Admin checks the availability with washer
    5. Accept user request and send him Mail, SMS as per the details available to the admin.
    6. The pickup person will react at a user, place to pick the clothes or outfits
    7. Clothes are taken to the laundry center and properly ironed and folded before getting dispatched.
      • Clothes wrapped in the paper sheets and delivered back to the owner.

    Some of the most essential features of a Dry Cleaning app include a Customer Account, Scheduling of Convenient Pickup & Delivery Options, Dry Cleaning Order Tracking System, Promotional Notification Panel, Order History Records Maintenance, Facility with Multiple Address Options, Online Supported Payment Gateways & In-App Payments, etc.

    1. Customer Account
    2. Scheduling of Convenient Pickup & Delivery Option
    3. Laundry Order Tracking System
    4. Promotional Notification Panel
    5. Order History Records Maintenance
    6. Facility with Multiple Address Options
      • Online Supported Payment Gateways & In-App Payments

    Yes, we offer you th

    Yes! NBT offers the customized-On Demand Dry Cleaning App Solution and lets your change the color scheme and theme as per your client’s desire. We also add some advanced features to the basic module as per your requirement with an additional cost.

    e customized On Demand Dry Cleaning App Solution similar to the demo app, while changing in the color scheme and theme as per our client’s desire. As well as we can add some advanced features to the basic module as per your requirement but it will add an additional cost.

    Our team of experts works on the advanced and relevant technologies on both Android and iOS platforms. Also, NBT builds the website in the PHP programming language and uses technologies like Sketch Paper, Android SDK Emulator, Kotlin for android users and RhoMobile, Appcelerator, and Xcode for iOS users or Flutter for Crossplatform.


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