Nextdoor Clone App – Ultimate Neighbourhood Community App Development

Be the number one entrepreneur in having the local community connectivity with all the latest technology. This app is completely responsive and has end to end customization option.
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Nextdoor Clone App Development Services

Even though the local community is detached from one another, the internet will help them being together with Next Big Technology’s Nextdoor Clone App. This is one of the ultimate solutions to create a bond between the local community instantly. This app is the virtual neighborhood, which will help in socializing and communicating. The particular field is having more than 2 million is a base that can be up for grabs. The app is included with multiple exclusive features along with backend architecture. Don’t waste your time and get the best opportunity to monetize by getting access to it with an unbelievable plan.

Key Features of
Nextdoor Clone App Development Solution

Get to know about all the highlighted features available on Next Big Technology’s Nextdoor Clone App.
Alert Notifications
Event Notifications
Get all the local event notification which is happening in the neighborhood along with personalized alert. Similar alerts will be sent to everyone in the locality.
Home Services
Home Services
Multiple home services are being offered which include catering, babysitting, pet grooming, etc.
Shopping Cart
Buy Products
Easily purchase and sell products which is much similar to an e-commerce application.
Instant Messaging
The instant messaging feature will allow the users to get connected with other neighbors with a secure communication channel.
The app will recommend various available services and products according to user behavior.
Create your small groups to have easy access and sharing of various data and multimedia files. It also allows adding and blocking users along with other features.
Local Deals
Various advertising campaigns can also be done by increasing the visibility and gains the interest of the neighborhood community.
Neighborhood Sponsorships
Neighborhood sponsorship who are offering to promote the business with monetization deals.

Reasons to Choose
Nextdoor Clone App Development

We have listed all the best reasons to choose Next Big Technology’sNextdoor CloneApp for your business.
Social Network Expertise
Social Network Expertise
This app will enable all the members to get connected and bi expertise in social networking in your neighborhood.
Certified Growth Hackers
Get the complete blend of marketing and technology in a single app with maximum revenue income.
Stunning Designs
Get the best quality of user interface along with a unique design.
White-label solutions
White-Label Solutions
The app is completely white-labeled and can be rebranded according to the preference of the client. This includes changes in design, logo, brand name, etc.
Fully Support
We focus on delivering the requirement as per the demand in the market to boost the business.

Next Big Technology’s Nextdoor Clone App Process

Next Big Technology’s Nextdoor Clone App is unique and advanced in its way. We have listed the complete procedure of a development period till the deployment.
01. Product and Business Definitions
Get the complete prototype with all the exclusive features and functionalities to get the acknowledgment of the final project.
02. Requirement Analysis
We will analyze all the requirements of the clients to completely know about the version of the app and the brand.
03. Prototyping
Get the complete prototype with all the exclusive features and functionalities to get the acknowledgment of the final project.
04. Product Design
Exclusive user interface design is being done with the help of expert designers.
05. Development and Backlog Contract
We ensure the confidentiality of the project by signing a non-disclosure agreement with the client.
06. Sprint Planning
Witha team of expert developers, we can speed up the development process and complete the project within the promised timeline.
07. Complete Development
We are determined to offer all the features and functionalities in pristine condition without any bugs or issues.
08. Testing & Launching:
Every app project will be thoroughly tested to ensure the elimination of glitches and bugs before the deployment phase.After all the stages have been completed the app will be successfully deployed into major platforms like Android and iOS. Customers can download according to their preferred platform and enjoy theNextdoor Clone app.

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