iBeacon/NFC Application Development

Find ibeacons located near you through this NBT iBeacon app



to your recipients

when you come to place of work

Easiest way to find everything around you through this readymade solution

Android / Iphone

Searching ibeacons located nearby you and automatically connect Bluetooth

Web App

Easily mounting and replaceable plate makes it easy to connect

NBT iBeacon App Process

Why to Choose NBT?


Simple Registration

Attractive Payment Feature


Prompt Project Delivery


24*7 Support

It is an advanced technology that is ruling the device is use to committed with the product in the superstore and you must scan it. It will carefully trace your location and you need to pay online in its place of paying the bill on the store’s counter. Our advanced ibeacon app development services arerulingthe entire market. If you are searching the ibeacon development then you can get in touch with professionals of NBT.

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