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Magento Training is the initial step for entering into the vast world of PHP courses. It will offer advanced management for open-sourcee-commerce solutions. Next Big Technology is the preferred destination for every aspiring PHP developer. Developers from different industries prefer Magento training courses offered by us.

About us

Welcome to NBT Magento Training Hub

Magento is an open-sourceframework for e-commerce web applications launched in the year 2008. It is an entirely new framework that introduces new approaches and libraries. Next Big Technology is willing to allow you to implement these functionalities better. To improve the extendibility, flexibility, and modularity. Our experts are ready with the most experienced training session. Our entire course will explain the essential parts of frameworks and how they should be implemented.

It includes the exploration of module implementation with core functionality customization. It thoroughly focuses on the demonstration of different development patterns and approaches. We offer practical Magento training as per the current requirement of the IT industry. Magento was initially built using the Zend framework. We will help you learn the Magento module from scratch by utilizing the new framework features. We offer flexible batch timing along with several essential course facilities.

Most importantly, you focus on job assurance to have better placement support.Our experts are willing to offer technical support and freelancing projects to go with. This will have a better assist in understanding the industry correctly. Get the proper customization of the core understanding in a conflict-free and elegant way of learning.

  • Apply for Summer Intership

    Next Big Technology offers the best opportunity for the candidates to engage in a summer internship. Our experts will help the candidates understand the entire web development process. It is the best way to have the proper training in the wide array of IT sectors. We will prepare the students to engage in client satisfaction with every project. Our quality training will improve both personality skills and working skills in candidates. We will help them trainfor the best opportunity with vast knowledge.
  • Apply for Industrial Training

    Next Big Technology completely understands the importance of industrial training. It will help in converting ordinary students into experts in web development. They will be properly geared up in every project with quick delivery. Our trainers will help them work with all the frameworks and understand every detail. It is highly important to improve your skillset before engaging in the IT industry. This will help them proceed in a bright career and proper certification. In addition, it will help improve the understanding of the development and component usage.

Why Choose Us?

Next Big Technology encourages the student to have a valid reservation for starting their career in web development. It is essential to understand all the aspects of the web development industry. Our experts are trained to give extensive training by maintaining the industry standards. This will help improve the overall structure of the understanding of web development. We will make every candidate ready for the web development jobs available in the market. Our objective is to make them qualified and feel their Interest in a requirement.

Most importantly, every candidate will get an excellent opportunity for high income. Salary is a deciding factor in consideration of a web development job. If the candidate is serious about the coding process,our trainers will offer several options for web development education. It will help select the right path and engage in the proper career process. This is one of the unique opportunities where every developer can work from anywhere. We will provide appropriate professionals to learn and engage in a better opportunity.

We will help work in every condition to proceed with the high-quality project. We are ready to prepare every candidate for the high demand for web developers in the market. So, they will get an excellent job and get a comfortable way of life in the IT industry.

Our Facilities

100% Job Assistance

Our intensive courses will offer 100% job placement in every reputed company. Therefore, we are willing to providea better growth opportunity with an excellent future in the IT sector.

Live Project Training

Our trainers focus on going through live project training for better practice and understanding. In addition, it will help in blending into the industry's culture maximum chances of learning.

Industrial Expert Trainers

Every expert trainer has been working for many years as a professional in this industry. So, they will offer the complete insight and every detail to work in the IT sector.

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