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    High Quality Instagram Clone App Development

    Start a video-sharing, photo-sharing and social media platform such as Instagram to attract lots of people.

    Fully loaded with all crucial features, our highly developed solution assists companies offer an interactive involvement for their application users.

    To start amazing business journey, just some time and small investment are required.

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    Instagram Clone App Development Services

    Understand that Instagram clone is a best solution and it is based on white-label which is willingly available for launch and customization. It is an amazing choice for companies looking to raid into the market of social media app in the coming future. We are providing best solution which is pre-packed with all functionality and features, just same as Instagram app.

    At NBT, we give our best to help companies deploy their social media application in their applicable niche in the short possible time. One more major benefit is that we provide complete solution at a reasonable price. Without any doubt, contact us, swiftly start the app, and help your users connect universally without any problem.

    Functions of Instagram Clone

    Publicity has been the main source of revenue for a social networking app such as Instagram. From carousel ads to sponsored posts, you can make great income by different means. Let’s take a look at them.

    Carousel Advertising-icon

    Sponsored Posts Option

    Let companies or users advertise their posts to reach more and more numbers, mainly users that don’t follow their profiles. It assists them enhance their visibility, build engagement to post, and get more and more followers. These types of sponsored posts get a call-to-action button or a sponsored tag. It can be your main source of revenue, assisting you earn a considerable income.

    In-App Purchases-icon

    In-App Purchase

    Allow users to access custom effects and filters for a price. Even, there are some special fundamentals in Instagram like app and you can give permission to users to avail for a specific fee. It even assists you make regular income.

    Advertising Option

    Same as sponsored posts, it helps in advertising posts. The main difference is that it permits advertising of different images in just one post. Companies can make a story with different images, enhancing user engagement.

    Key Features
    Instagram Clone App

    HOME SCREEN-icon


    Home screen keeps the posts made by the users that you are following in this specific application.



    The user can easily upload the videos or photos from the library or by utilizing the camera available in the phone.



    Activity log keeps information of the new Facebook friends that have joined the app, notification of new photos and followers.



    It contains the follower’s list activity, people that they are following and their likes.



    Search almost everything in this app like the channel name or name of user. It will even contain the top-featured searches.



    It keeps the posts made by that particular user and basic information of number of followers, total posts count and total people the user is following.

    Development Package of Instagram Clone App

    Mobile Apps-icon

    Mobile Application (IOS & Android)

    Android apps and iOS for your users all built in instinctive Android and iOS source code for dazzling execution.

    Web App-icon

    Web Application (Web Apps)

    A top-quality front-end site for your users to easily login, posts desired snaps, watch any others snaps as well as chat with others.

    Admin Dashboard-icon

    Main Dashboard (Back-end Panel)

    You can get a commanding Admin Dashboard to manage your business from approving and validating different user groups to adding different methods of the payment.

    100% Customizable-icon

    Fully Customizable

    The complete server code, Admin Dashboard, Android and iOS apps are specified with complete documentation and unencrypted code.

    Payment Options-icon

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    NBT is built with Stripe Credit Card Processing, Paypal Mobile SDK and the feature of Cash on Delivery as default available payment methods. We can add some more upon demand.

    What We Offer-img

    Additional Features of Instagram Clone App


    Login With Social Media Platforms

    Registration to the application with Google+ or Facebook without the resistance of getting your users to separately register with Phone number or Email.


    Profile Management

    The user can easily change their username, profile photo, Website link, bio page and any other private information like sex, phone and email ID.


    Settings & Permissions

    The page keeps the information total of Facebook friends that are utilizing the app, facility to search friends of Facebook platform that are using NBT App and even to search contacts.


    Post Settings

    User can control the crowd by restraining their profile view to any others in this page.  Setting of the message and contingency to save the shared images will come here.


    It is a white-label solution packed along with all important functionality and features, just same as popular social networking platform Instagram. Companies demanding to enter the social media market can get these solutions to make a swift entry.

    NBT a famous development company and we are expert in Instagram clone app development. We are devoted to providing advanced social networking platforms with the newest technology, confirming the platform extends higher performance.

    The applicable time to modify and launch an Instagram like application differs from one project to another project. Though, we confirm that it won’t go more than a just week or two.

    Yes. We are providing post-launch maintenance support and it is completely free. But, it is for a limited time, after that you can get our services for a nominal price.

    Our Instagram clone app is a vigorous solution and it can handle a lot of users simultaneously. Thus, you don’t need to worry regarding its functionality.

    Contact with our professionals over a call – _________________, or you can email – ________________. We have chat enabled website, and you can contact from there too.

    Why Choose Us

    Earlier, taking photos was limited to only some specific events. But today, photography has become an integral part of every phase of life. Keeping this in mind, NBT has come up with an Instagram Clone App that allows people to raise their social connectivity and let them share images on a wider network.

    Next big technology is a leading Instagram Clone Development Company that helps you to enjoy an amazing app solution. We develop a masterpiece for your clients to give your business a drastic boost. Our team of experts focuses on building an app that satisfies your individual and business needs. We will guide you at every step of your application.

    You can opt for our Instagram Clone App Development Services that will save your time and contains all the required features. Our cone script is easy to customize and robust. The team of experienced developers at NBT offers a simple, secure, and reliable app to fulfill your requirements.

    Our development team will provide you with a secure, simple, and reliable app for fulfilling your purpose of sharing. The Instagram app is a complete package including newsfeed to extravagant image filters, status updates, activity logs, notifications, and many more. Our photo sharing social networking platforms is the right choice for you.

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