How to build fast and SEO-friendly web apps using ReactJs, Redux, and NextJs

How to build fast and SEO-friendly web apps

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of digital marketing. No business can grow without good search engine optimization. Before understanding SEO, you need to know how each of its parts works and how they all fit together.

If you learn how to do search engine optimization well, more people will visit your website, new opportunities will open up, and your business will make more money. Aside from that, SEO can help you build relationships, bring more attention to your brand, and become known as an expert in your field.

SEO’s Crucial Role

Search engine optimization is crucial because it ensures that Google, Bing, and Yahoo show relevant results. It makes it impossible or very hard to change the search results. Changing the search engine results pages would be very easy if SEO did not exist.

In simple terms, search engine optimization (SEO) is how Google decides which websites to show in response to a certain query. Even if a website meets all the other criteria, it won’t move up in the search engine rankings if its visitors don’t like it.

SEO has helped search engines and their users trust each other more. People tend to trust the first search result they see because they think it must be the most reliable source on the subject. The rating is important because it tells how many people will visit your site.

SEO is also different because it doesn’t cost much. Many businesses spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns to reach more customers. SEO is a huge help for these businesses as it is a free way to get targeted visitors who could become paying customers.

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SEO for single-page websites Crawlers and How They Work

React-driven SPAs are becoming more popular among tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others. The main reason is that web apps made with React can be responsive, fast, and full of animations, making the user experience more pleasant and satisfying.

But that’s only one point of view. Web apps with React have very few search engine optimization (SEO) features. This is a big problem for web apps that depend greatly on traffic from organic search results.

The good news is that you can avoid some of the SEO issues with SPAs by using one of the few react solutions already out there. First, though, let’s talk about single-page applications (SPAs) and how to deal with SEO issues in React.

Why is it so important to use React when working with SPAs?

A single-page application (SPA) is a web program that works in the user’s browser without constantly reloading the page. All the content is loaded onto a single HTML page, updated automatically but doesn’t force the user to refresh the page after every action.

Google Maps, Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, Twitter, and GitHub are all examples of single-page apps. The main benefit of a properly set up SPA is how it makes the user feel (UX). This is because the user doesn’t have to wait for a page to reload or anything else to use the app in its native environment.

Search Engine Optimization Problems for SPAs

When trying to improve a single-page application, several problems exist. In a single-page application (SPA), the client-side page loads first and acts as a blank slate. JavaScript will put things into this empty box.

To run the script within the SPA, you also need a browser. When this is done, it can load web pages on the fly.

Now, when search engine spiders go to SPA pages, they won’t be able to index them. Users can only crawl it if all the content is new in their browsers.

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If search engine crawlers can’t find useful information on your website, they’ll think it’s poorly made and abandoned. This stops the search engine from adding your website or app to its index.

But these aren’t the only things that make SEO difficult in React programming. Let’s look at a few more points of view in order.

Having trouble getting content to load

Web spiders come to your site often, if not every day. If the page’s content changes every time someone looks it up, search engines won’t find it when they do their indexing.

When the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files have been downloaded successfully, the API is called and asked for the data. Once that is done, the information is sent to the server.

Putting a temporary stop to the crawling stage

Search engines use bots to crawl websites, but they only have a certain amount of time to look at everything. Because time is limited, it checks as many pages as possible in that window.

The problem is that once the timer runs out, it will stop visiting your site no matter what you do. If your website’s code takes too long to load, interpret, and run, the crawler will give up and move on to another site.

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Problems with JavaScript

Building a website takes a lot of lines of code, and even a small mistake in JavaScript could make it hard for search engines to index the site.

If the JavaScript parser can’t fix the mistake, the SyntaxError will be shown immediately. Because of this, you need to check the JavaScript code twice before sending it to Google.

A single URL can be used to get to any page.

One of the worst things about SPAs is that you can’t get your money back. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem if the website only has one page. If the URL of a site with more than one page isn’t changed, search engines won’t be able to find it.

Keywords and descriptions of the site

Each page on your website needs its title and description for Google to be able to find it. If you don’t do this, Google will use the same description for all your pages.

But this becomes a problem building a single-page app with React Native because you can’t change these tags within React.

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