How much does it cost to develop a messenger app like WhatsApp?

Cost To Develop Messenger App

Can we all imagine our world without WhatsApp? It becomes almost impossible to live without WhatsApp in today’s arena. Is it not true?

WhatsApp was founded by two developers namely Jan Koum and Brian Acton in the year 2009. The demand for an App Developer is increasing day by day. Because the developers and their hard work are the reason for any app which is published and used by us. This is a fact!

Features of WhatsApp:

  1. Send Messages
  2. Send Voice Messages
  3. Send Pictures
  4. Share any kind of Documents, location, etc.

WhatsApp is user-friendly and performs at a very reliable place. It has good flexible features and it adapts in any kind of mobile devices paving a way for any kind of user to download and install WhatsApp. Its functionality is very impressive and the usage has become so easy and fast for the users.

If you are having any plans or you have set goals to build an app such as WhatsApp, you must first consider your financial budget and set up a plan first and fix your budget for every step of your plan and then you can move ahead of your app development. What is the Cost To Develop Messenger App?

Steps followed to create an app similar to WhatsApp:

  1. Build and implement your plan:

As soon as you have a plan to build an app similar to WhatsApp, first consider your budget. Also, you must know what your target audience is expecting from your app. Once you know that information by conducting a few online surveys, you will get a clear picture of the interests of the users. Accordingly, you can plan for the features and functionalities and you can plan to include in your app.

  1. Look out for skilled developers:

It is the utmost necessity for looking out for hire skilled developers because they are the ones who are going to develop the app. You must hand over your requirements to skilled professionals so that the app gets ready within your budget and exact time. So get in touch with a Mobile App Development Company

  1. Look out for the developer’s location:

In order to avoid travel, it is better to look out for developers who are nearby your destination. Also, you can contact and meet them in a timely manner whenever you want to. If there is access to online communication, then this factor can be ignored.

  1. Include MVP model: It is always beneficial to include an MVP design pattern to your app which you are planning to construct.


  1. Design and scale your app: Good design if picked up at the development boosts the performance and speed of the app. Also, scaling is necessary in order to know the performance of the app when operated by a large number of users at once.


  1. Think out of the box: Thinking from a different perspective and if the idea benefits the users, then undoubtedly your app will be a hit.


MVP features Cost($) Development time (hr)
Registration 54 2800
Message outlets 220 11110
Deleting messages 9 400
Notification 16 750
Multimedia Files 40 2000
Location 20 1500
Contact 72 3700
Voice 220 12000
Settings 112 6000


 Cost To Develop Messenger App:

WhatsApp cost varies based on the platform you are going to develop. Approximate estimation can be around $85K per single platform.

Roughly it would take up to 900 hours of development time to build the app on both the platforms.

Therefore, it might vary from $120.2K to $165K for constructing the app on both kinds of platforms iOS and Android. The cost mentioned is Inclusive of back end development too.


As discussed above, the estimations can give you a brief outline of costs when you are planning to develop an app such as WhatsApp. App Development Company costs vary basically from one location to the other. WhatsApp when it was released, it didn’t have many features. It was built and released initially with a small amount of budget. Later, many other features were incorporated and were released with few impressive functionalities. So, this strategy can be adopted by you too if you want to develop an app similar. Good Luck!

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How much does it cost to develop a messenger app like WhatsApp?
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