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    Amazon Like App Development – Develop an App Like Amazon

    Get the best out of the E-commerce market using Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App. Handle the customer base around millions with product selling using the best version of the customized app. Sellers and Users can use the app with easy transaction options. Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App is made out of advanced technologies with responsive and scalable functionality.


    Amazon Like App by Next Big Technology –
    Multi-Vendor E-Commerce App Development

    E-Commerce is the future of the shopping industry with convenience. Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App will help you to achieve the best out of the e-commerce industry. E-commerce has revolutionized the digital industry and is still on the verge of further development. This is one of the most profitable business industries even with prior competition in the global market.Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App will give you the best opportunity to become one of the best competitors besides Amazon itself. Experience all the advanced features to attract customers and offer them end-to-end encryption.

    Amazing Features of Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App Development

    Features are the main reason for the customers to have a high traffic rate in any app. Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App will offer attractive and creative features which will offer smooth browsing and secured payments. We havelisted all the best possiblefeatures which are being offered by Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App.
    Ravishing Homepage
    Elegant Landing Page
    Get attractive and elegant landing pages with responsive elements. Get all the information directly from the home page related to product launch, offer, reviews, FAQ, etc.
    Advanced Search Bar
    Advanced Search Bar
    Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App is having millions of products to choose from. The advanced search bar will help the customers to filter through them and get exactly what they are looking for.
    Shopping Cart
    Ultimate Shopping Cart
    The shopping cart in the Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App will give all the required information to the customers. Customers can get the availability status of the product, description, and price directly from the shopping cart. This enables the customers to checkout easily along with all required details without leaving the cart.
    Real-Time Tracking-5
    Real-Time Tracking of Product Delivery
    Customers will get the live tracing of product delivery which gives the estimation to the customers regarding the delivery. Information includes dispatch and delivery of the items including all the shipment details.
    In-App Chat-3
    In-App Chat Support
    Get quick customer support and all the queries will be answered. In-app chat support is secured and maintainsthe privacy of the customer. 24×7 chat support increases the reliability of Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App.
    Wish List
    Wish List Product Saving
    A wish list is helpful to save certain products in a saved list if the customer is not sure enough to buy them. This feature is bookmarking the product for future purchases according to the preference of the customer.
    AR View
    AR View of Products
    AR view will clear out all the misconceptions regarding the product by giving a virtual overview. Customers can use this feature to try and product and get the idea about how they will look once it’s being delivered.
    Multiple Language Support
    Due to multi-lingual support,Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App will have a global impact on the e-commerce market. The app is infused with all the major languages which make it easier to be used by any user in any language.
    Social Sharing-2
    Product Sharing Socially
    Easily share products with others along with access links to improve more engagement in the Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App. Sharing includes orders, wish lists, and individual products.
    Reviews and Ratings-icon-01
    Ratings and Reviews of the Products
    Ratings and reviews improve reliability and users can post options about any purchased product. This helps a customer who is planning to buy that particular product to understand it from another user’s point of view.

    Major Reasons to Choose
    Next Big Technology’s Amazon Like App Development

    Before choosing Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App, you need to understand all the benefits we will be offering. We have listed all the possible reasons for choosing Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App.
    Our team of expert developers are having years of experience in high-quality project delivery. They use all the advanced technology to work on every project.
    On-Time Delivery
    On-Time Delivery
    We are determined to deliver the final project within the promised time. We must give the best possible experience to our clients.
    Devoted Project Manager
    Dedicated Project Manager
    Every project will have a dedicated project manager who will have the job of managing the project and updating the client regarding the project progress.
    Non-Disclosure Agreement
    Privacy of our clients is one of our main priorities, which is why we will sign a non-disclosure agreement. NDA will help the clients to trust us with their project to give the best possible outcome of Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App.
    Global Presence
    Global Presence
    We at Next Big Technology are here to help your brands to have a global presence. The success of our client will help us to grow more and have more projects related to that. We will give you all the potentials tools to rank higher in the e-commerce business race.
    Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Satisfaction
    We are having the ultimate goal of providing the ultimate satisfaction to our clients. We are promising to offer the best experience possible to our clients with high-quality delivery.
    GDPR Compliance
    GDPR Compliance
    Our Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App is following all the regulations for GDPR compliance. The developed e-commerce platform is completely legal and does not violate any regulations.

    Launch Your Powerful
    Online Marketplace with Us

    Next Big Technology is giving you the best opportunity to launch your own Amazon Clone App. We have provided all the information on how we develop the app before you head down to using it.
    01. Requirement Analysis
    We will work as per your requirements and enlists all the possible advanced features possible. Our team of developers has carefully analyzed all the requests from the clients before starting the project.
    02. App Prototype
    App prototype will be provided to the clients with minimal features to give the idea about the final product. This will help the client to understand the project and the changes required for the brand. Prototypes are demo apps which does not give much functionality but ensure the feature to the client.
    03. Development Phase
    Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App developers will work hard on creativity and providing you with the best possible user interface. This will make the usage user-friendly and attractive to use.
    04. Integration of Add-ons
    Add-ons are integrated to give extra advanced features to the Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App. This will help the app to have extra added elements to have more functionality.
    05. Admin Dashboard
    Admin dashboard will help the app owner to monitor and have effective management over the app. This will help in operating the e-commerce operations smoothly.
    06. App Testing
    The app will be thoroughly tested for bugs and have a beta testing phase to eliminate all kinds of issues before the launch. Developers will work hard to clear the Next Big Technology’s Amazon Clone App from all kinds of glitches and bugs.
    07. App Deployment
    The final app will be deployed into the Android and iOS smartphone platforms. Users can go to Google play store and apple app store for installing the app.
    08. App Support and Updates

    Next Big Technology will work hard to provide updates and support even after the delivery of the project. This helps the app owner to get app updates with the latest features as well as bug fixes.

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