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    Car Rental Website Development Services

    Get in hands with the best car rental website development for your business. Next Big Technology’s Car Rental Portal will help you achieve entrepreneur heights. Best GPS-based smartphone apps for renting cars online are here at your service.

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    Guide to Use Car Rental Website

    Get the source code of the app for both car drivers and customers working on smartphone platforms. Next Big Technology’s Car Rental Portal works on both Android and iOS devices. They are available to install from Android Play Store and Apple App Store. It will have support for easy customization and be white-labeled for branding freely according to the need of the client. Get the service for both web applications and as well as smartphone apps for on-demand car rental services.
    Manage your car online car rental business with Next Big Technology’s Car Rental Portal, and get exclusive features like reservation, dispatch, scheduling, and multiple payment options. Launch your brand of car booking and rental online services instantly. Next Big Technology will provide you with pre-made scripts or you can custom design the script and give it a brand of your own.

    Features of Car Rental Software Development

    These are the Next Big Technology’s Car Rental Portal exclusive features which we have listed below.
    Social Media Login-4
    Login Using Social Media
    Use Social Media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to sign up in the app. Social media account login will eliminate the chance of typing all the required details. App also offers traditional registration using email id and phone numbers.
    Car Models
    Car Models Selection
    Customers can freely choose any car which is entirely dependent on the number of travelers. This makes the customer easily get the comfort of choosing the required vehicle for traveling.
    Driver Availability
    Driver Availability Toggle
    Drivers will get complete control on the toggle for choosing the availability of the vehicle for the service. They can choose the hours they need to work and turn the toggle off to become offline.
    Easy Call
    Quick Call
    Next Big Technology’s Car Rental Portal app will enable easy call access between the driver and the customer. This will help in communication to locate the pickup or drip location without any trouble.

    Services provided by NBT's Car Rental Website

    We provide complete Car Rental Services which cover all your car renting requirements. We develop a complete end to end solution for all your Car Rental Service needs.
    Car Models
    Choose from Various Car Models
    Customers will get the full ability to look through the portal and choose the appropriate vehicle for traveling. This makes it much easier to travel with multiple headcounts.
    Car Booking for Rental
    Easily book any car for rental and cancel the booking anytime as per the preference of the customer.
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    Real-Time GPS Tracking
    Get the real-time GPS tracking of the vehicle as well as while traveling to know about the current route and estimated arrival time.
    Complete Work History
    Customers can check the entire history of traveling using Next Big Technology’s Car Rental Portal app service anytime. Get the entire details on the traveling details including location, date, pickup time, and arrival time.
    Anywhere Pickup Service
    Anywhere pickup service is available using the Next Big Technology’s Car Rental Portal app. Set the pickup location in the app and the driver will locate you with live GPS.
    Anywhere Drop Service
    Anywhere drop service is available as the location is set by the customer. The driver will locate the drop location using GPS tracking.

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