Will JavaScript Framework Show its Endless Demand in Web Development?

JavaScript Framework Show its Endless Demand in Web Development

JavaScript as we all know is a computer language. It’s popular from last many years. It is mainly used in web development. To enhance the features of a web page, JavaScript is used to create more dynamic and interactive items for a web page. The visual effects which we look upon the screen are just the magic of ever green JavaScript language.


Origin of JavaScript:JavaScript was found in 90’s by Brenden Eich and was known as Live-script by Netscape Company. Then Netscape changed the name to JavaScript from Live-script. Live-script was the initial name for JavaScript. It is the most popular web server language which is highly in demand and used extensively in the web world.


Many popular websites which we browse today are just because of JavaScript. Many vendors have made java editing tools such as Microsoft. Microsoft has found html editor known as front page. It helps lot of web developers by providing JavaScript tools in order to build interactive websites.


JavaScript serves the web world from last many years and still continues and remains as the most commonly used computer language in the web world today.


Each year is bringing out new versions according to the trend and serving the purpose of web world. JavaScript’s exponents include Adobe, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, SVG images, server-side environments. Yahoo’s widget engine and many more.

Best Javascript Frameworks

JavaScript framework stands always on the top and it always tends to have a rapid growth. JavaScript is used extensively by the web developers and the usage continues to rise significantly.


JavaScript integrates with the WordPress as well. And this integration is not new. There are new versions released every year to combat according to the trends.

Also, the libraries of JavaScript available in the form of plugins help the web developers to create animated pictures,etc.


Frameworks of JavaScript (JS) comprises of the following:


Node JS is an important and most ruling framework used by Google chrome,etc. Here this framework helps in evolution of input and output web designs such as videos etc. and many other web applications.


Angular JS: Is the hot cake in the recent trend. This framework is used by YouTube, Google maps,etc. It is extensively used and Angular JS is also a leading JavaScript framework. Applications are built easily and the code is reused where ever possible to develop the web applications. It’s a user friendly responsive framework.


React JS is found by Facebook. This framework is used mainly by Netflix,what’s app etc. It’s a leading framework used by numerous large organizations.


Vue JS is a framework which is brought for users who are non-familiar with computer languages. It integrates readily with html. Helps in evolution of a functional interface.


Node JS has become the most popular framework in the recent times conducted by a recent survey. It is highly developer’s favorite framework as it adjusts according to the needs of the users. It integrates well while developing web applications and helps to publish the content on the screen impressively.


Many web developers use JavaScript framework as it is highly modifiable with interactive web pages and hence extensively used. Surplus amount of websites use JavaScript framework at the back end. There is no web site without JavaScript framework in the recent arena.


JavaScript supports WordPress in the web world:


WordPress comes altogether with numerous collections of JavaScript in the form of libraries such as jQuery, JSCON, Backbone.js, and Underscore.js. Hence, using these libraries as reference one can develop the web page or can customize according to the needs of the web developer. Developers developing web pages are either into back-end or front end.  In Back end – node.js is used extensively by the web developers. Front-end developers may have the option of choosing the right type of JavaScript framework according to their convenience.


Another good thing about JavaScript is, it can be used in all browsers. It matches according to the convenience of the users and helping them to browse easily. That is a person can use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Yahoo, Google Chrome etc of his/her choice. It is accordant to the user. Multiple web applications are supported by JavaScript making it a highly interactive and dynamic computer language.


Another good thing about JavaScript is creating flexible web designs. By creating such flexible and easily accessible web designs, we are able to browse the web pages by using any smart phones or android phones and desktops. The same code can be utilized for desktop as well as smart phones. Hence, JavaScript stands at the top in the coding platform knocking out all other computer languages. To make the web pages interactive web developers integrate html5, JavaScript and CSS5 together. If one wants to become a successful web developer, then one should have good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Angular js or React js is used for creating web pages initially.


If one wants to become a professional web developer, then he/she should definitely learn JavaScript. JavaScript can be coded in a notepad, and then any mistakes can be edited by using many editing tools. Through editor, we can find out any mistakes in the code and the code can be refined easily.


As JavaScript not only runs on server, but also runs on user’s browser. Sometimes, we might need to add the code to the complete website or use it in some pages alone. WordPress does not allow adding the JavaScript directly in the posts. It can be added by using Headers and Footers or by using plugins or entering the code manually.


Conclusion: JavaScript Framework Show its Endless Demand in Web Development


JavaScript usage by developers is abundant these days due to its flexible features, multiple browser compatibility, speed, usability and its functionality.


Another major benefit is its optimization function, these days we use android or smart phones to browse. JavaScript helps to fasten up the loading time of web pages while browsing on mobile.


JavaScript is considerably used by all web developers including a WordPress web developer.


JavaScript contains libraries through which the developers can access and develop or custom or re-use the code according to the specification.


It is a robust programming language helping to build large number of web applications simultaneously and quickly these days.


JavaScript also plays a vital role in WordPress web development as well. The involvement of JavaScript in the web world is ample due to its developer-friendly nature.


Its optimizing capacity is marvelous as browsing has become so facile these days due to the usage of android phones.

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JavaScript Framework Show its Endless Demand in Web Development
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