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    What is a Mobile Application and how to develop mobile application?

    Amit Shukla

    Mobile Application Development:

    Mobile application development is the method of making applications that run on a mobile, and this application makes use of a community connection to work remote computing resources. Hence, the development method entails growing installable software program bundles imposing backend offerings together with facts get admission to with an API. If you need to develop a mobile application for smartphones, tablets, or both, Next Big Technology guides you regarding the platform or device you’ll be using.

    Mobile Applications and Device Platforms

    There are 2 platforms inside the modern cellphone market. One is the iOS platform from Apple Inc. The iOS platform is the working device that powers Apple’s famous line of iPhone smartphones. The 2d is Android from Google. The Android working device is used now no longer most effective with the aid of using Google gadgets. Although there are a few similarities among them are the use of exclusive software program development kits (SDKs) and exclusive development tool chain. Developers can construct apps for hundreds of millions of gadgets with the aid of using concentrated on each of those systems.

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    How to Create a Mobile App?

    Steps to a mobile app are as follows. An in this NBT will help you and save your cost as per your budget.

    1. Define Your Objectives

    First of all you have to define correct objectives before creating an application as it is not an overnight process it takes time. Therefore, the right objectives are considered before developing an app.

    The best way is to ask yourself that either you want to develop an app that satisfies users’ requirements, to reach more customers or only for brand awareness.

    A good mobile application can help you a lot in your businesses such as more customers, low costs, increased ROI, better productivity, enriched social presence, and brand awareness as well.

    2. Plan Functionality and Features

    After defining the objectives, the second step is planning your app’s functionality and features. In this step first of all you have to write down all the functionalities you want to add and features that you need to achieve.

    So for this you carry out market research and can find what your competitors offer on the app stores and identifying what they are lacking or innovating.

    However Next Big Technology has experienced developer’s team of Mobile Application Development to make it successful in the long run.

    3. Research Your Competitors

    You have to research your competitors and this way you may discover the scope of your app concept and additionally enforce the specified capabilities into your app. So, make certain you go through your competition earlier than constructing apps. But, ultimately, marketplace studies will prevent from making many errors at an early degree of your app introduction.

    How to Create a Mobile App

    4. Design Wireframes

    In this step combine the individual blocks together with wire framing.

    Wire framing is one of the best methods where you don’t have to worry about other graphic elements. It is just like a bridge between your raw thoughts and the final product before you start making an app.

    You also can create a couple of app display flows for the equal challenge to decide a good way to offer the excellent enjoy to the users. You can keep your hours through specializing in wire framing. Now it’s time to test them. In order to test your wireframes, you can use In Vision which can help make them interactive.

    Once everything is done, you can share and can also test the use cases or you can also take user feedback from your team. Also, check some of the tips on Next Big Technology by our designers who have experience to create mobile applications.

    5. Choose a Development Path

    In this part, you have to choose the development platform and coding language. Although it’s not easy to discuss about building platforms and languages but isn’t that difficult too.

    Let’s look at different platforms:

    1. Native App Development

    This app development simply for a particular operating system but before going ahead, check the advantages of a native app development.

    • Run smoothly
    • Offline support
    •  Rich user experience
    • Data protection
    • Full-fledged functionality

    2. Mobile App Frameworks

    This framework allows you to create hybrid apps that can run on both Android and iOS platforms. You don’t need to a big amount and maintain two code bases. You can also add extra features later on.

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    3. Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder

    If your budget is extremely limited then you have to choose a template or drag and drop elements. There’s no need to wait for several months or spend thousands of dollars but there are some limitations associated with these platforms.

    6. Develop Your Mobile App

    As NBT is the best mobile application development organization, we have highlighted some important points as follows.

    • Don’t use unnecessary elements that don’t support users’ tasks.
    • Try to use only a single input field.
    • Don’t use so much push notifications as it is another bad practice.
    • You should also make sure that the application can bring you profit.
    • Choosing correct database also plays a vital role so always consider size, data structure, speed and scalability, and safety and security of the user data.

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    7. Test Your Mobile App

    Now it’s time to test your mobile application as there are no bugs, we recommend you testing as it examines the functionality of the application without viewing the internal workings or structures of an app.

    8. Launch Your Mobile App

    After completion submit your app on either Play Store or App Store as per the guidelines of both app stores. If you need to know more, than feel free to contact us.


    We hope you found the knowledge and got an answer to your question. However, if you want to get help from a professional mobile app Development Company then you can get in touch with Next Big Technology feel free to discuss all your queries with our sales representative.

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