Ways reviews can benefit SEO

Ways reviews can benefit SEO

SEO is of utter importance for succeeding in the online marketplace. As Google is constantly changing its algorithms and continuously setting new demands for better ranking results, writing quality content and simple link building are simply not enough anymore. Those business owners who want to reach and keep some of the top positions in search engine results will also have to focus their attention on online customer reviews since reviews can benefit SEO immensely.

Do reviews really matter?

Reviews can benefit SEO in many ways and they matter greatly, particularly for local businesses. If you are looking for moving services, for example, the results you get in the Local Pack will highly depend on customer reviews. This further means that local movers who focus on rankings on Google have to analyze their reviews on a regular basis, create the content with the most relevant keywords and thus improve their SEO to finally reach a higher position in the Local Pack.

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How reviews can benefit SEO

More customer reviews, more keywords for you

By writing reviews, customers do not only provide you with feedback on the quality of your services or products. They are content creators who give Google some new content to crawl. As each review is packed with relevant keywords, Google gets a clear picture and more information on what your business is, which products and services you offer, and even the location of your business. Also, thanks to reviews, the keyword density is higher, which eventually results in a higher ranking. Finally, reviews help you increase your CTR, or click-through rate, thanks to a better intent match.

Reviews help you gain an advantage over the competition

Interacting with your clients through online reviews proves you are a reliable and trustworthy business owner, willing to always increase the quality of service. Instead of focusing strictly on your website and a variety of search terms, managing online reviews is thus a much better practice. Not only will you raise your visibility in search engine results, but also gain a significant advantage over your competitors. Remember that the competition on the market is severe and you need to be thorough in finding the ways to gain and retain your customers at all times.

Reviews signal Google your website is worth its good rankings

Google behaves as an intensive reader. The more content there is to read and analyze, the greater the understanding of the core of your business. If you include online customer reviews on your website, you offer a lot of new content to Google and a genuine wealth of new keywords on a regular basis. Not only will it help Google understand your business better, but it will also prove you really work, interact, and help your current and prospective clients. Customers will describe your products and services in detail through their reviews, which further adds SEO value to your business.

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CTR influences SEO rankings

When looking for services or products online, customer reviews are what potential customers pay great attention to. Knowing how much we can learn from other people’s experiences, this practice does not come as a surprise. Normally, if you had to choose between two businesses on Local Pack where one has a single star and the other a five-star rating, this wouldn’t be a difficult choice to make. The more stars your business, gets the better. The number of stars signals Google the quality of your business and your authority among competitors. Hence, if you get excellent results, Google rewards you with a high ranking as obviously you are doing things right. If you encourage clicks with high ratings, you will experience a boost in rankings too.

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Responding to reviews can help your SEO

Just reading your customers’ reviews is not enough – you have to respond to them and interact with your clients on a regular basis. This is important on several different levels. Firstly, as we have already mentioned, the content you exchange with your customers by using relevant keywords represents more content for Google to crawl. Secondly, adding new content regularly through this interaction causes your website to be perceived as a frequently updated website that offers fresh content on a regular basis. Finally, by encouraging customers to write both good and bad reviews, to praise and criticize you, you show appreciation of their opinion. Some of those who have given you low ratings might change their mind or even delete the bad review they have written. This situation will influence your overall ratings, improve your CTR, and signal Google you are worth a better position among search engine results.

Customer reviews cause low bounce rates and high Google rankings

SEO experts as well as many respectable webmasters claim that including reviews on your website drastically lowers the bounce rate and improves SEO. Visitors to your website are more likely to spend time exploring it if reviews are present. The manner in which other people speak about your products and services and the way you respond to their criticisms, ideas, and suggestions convince consumers to trust your brand. As a result, the bounce rate becomes low and you get a higher Google ranking.

Keeping up with the new trends is a must

SEO rules are not constant. To succeed in the online marketplace, you need a dynamic strategy that involves following and keeping pace with the current trends and rules. Online customer reviews are an integral part of SEO efforts, as customers influence the way other people interact with your website and how they perceive your brand. Google acts as a constant observer of these trends and is always ready to reward or punish your website with a proper ranking. Thus, as there are many ways reviews can benefit SEO, make sure to listen to your customers, interact with them, and try to find solutions together.

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