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    Top 10 Frontend Development Tools, Libraries and Frameworks to Use in 2022

    Top 10 Frontend Development Tools, Libraries and Frameworks to Use in 2023

    Amit Shukla

    Front-end development tools have become very popular in a concise amount of time. Because of these changes, you may be able to improve your workflow and have more options when making a responsive website. These tools make it easier for programmers to use various technologies. Also, they make it easier and less expensive to make mobile apps.

    Changing technologies for version control also makes it possible for people to work on projects together. There has never been a better time to make cutting-edge online applications with many tools like code-organizing processors and browser plugins and extensions.

    But because there are so many tools for developing websites, it can be hard to choose the right one.

    So, to help you with your goal, I’ve compiled a list of the best frontend development tools, libraries, and frameworks for 2022. Just choose the one that sounds the best to you from the list.

    The best libraries, tools, and frameworks for building frontends in 2022

    The Developer Tools for Chrome

    Google Chrome gives web designers many valuable tools, like looking at and changing a page’s DOM and CSS.

    With these tools, you can run and debug JavaScript in the Console, look at messages to quickly find the problem, change pages in real-time, add styles to HTML components, and speed up the site. To use these tools, all you need is a web browser.

    • One of Chrome’s Developer Tools is a network monitor built in.
    • The security, memory, network, application, elements, Console, sources, and device modes have their features that can be accessed through these applications.
    • The features of the performance panel let you look at performance while it’s running, speed it up, and find artificially synchronized designs.

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    From the prototype to deployment, Angular gives you the same efficient and scalable infrastructure running the most important Google apps. It works with desktop, mobile, web, and mobile applications. When you use Angular, you have complete control over scalability and uniqueness.

    When push-model, Immutable.JS, and RxJS are used together, it is possible to build data models that can handle vast amounts of data. Templates that are simple and easy to use make adding new features and functions easy. Use your ideas and a wide range of current factors to get the most out of the template language.

    Every integrated development environment (IDE) and text editor gives you instant support and feedback for Angular. Also, Angular lets you focus on making the best apps instead of making changes to the code.

    • Automatically handled JS code that works in all browsers.
    • Let’s you make apps for the client side that use both JS and MVC.
    • It makes it easier to make web apps with lots of features.
    • It’s used by programmers worldwide, and anyone can use it for free.


    WebStorm helps you intelligently write JavaScript code. It helps you write code in Meteor, VueJS, ReactJS, and Angular better than anything else. WebStorm also makes it easier for developers to code quickly when working on a big project.

    The best libraries, tools, and frameworks for building frontends in 2022

    NPM (Node Package Manager)

    It is common to use NPM with JavaScript. So, it is easier to figure out what packages of reusable code should be made and how to put them together in new, vital ways. This technology is critical to the frontend developer community.

    It’s a service that helps the package talk to the storage it needs through the command line. NPM has a feature that stands out and that many users like. On GitHub, it has more than 17.3k votes.


    TypeScript is a scripting language for the front end of websites that is free and open source. It gives frontend web developers the best environment to work in.

    Adding optional static typing is a clear syntactical superset of JavaScript. It was made to make large applications and works with JavaScript. TypeScript works with 31296 tools, which is why many frontend developers use it.


    Most people agree that SASS is one of the best ways to get the most out of CSS. A programme that reads and processes cascading style sheets. It works with all CSS versions and has been supported by its core team for the past 13 years.

    Because SASS is so prevalent in business and the community, it has been used to make several frameworks. Some of these are Susy, Bourbon, and Compass.


    Meteor lets developers on the front end work on the back end without switching between PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby. Here is a list of the best JS frameworks. It is one of the best frontend development tools and comprises several packages and libraries.

    Meteor is a library and framework based on other popular tools’ ideas. It makes it easier to make prototype apps and gives frontend web development a solid base. Meteor ranks higher than any other frontend development tool and has 42.3k GitHub stars.

    If you’re a business owner who likes to start from scratch, the script will help you set up NPM, Node.js, and MongoDB, all needed to use Meteor.

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    CodePen is a web app that lets you make prototypes of frontend code and share them with others. CodePen can be used to do the whole project because it has all the features of an IDE in the browser.

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    The worst thing a programmer can fear is making a mistake when adding a new feature. You need to use Version Control Systems (VCS) and GitHub. If you connect your project to the service, you’ll be able to see all the changes you’ve made. This also helps you get back to the way you were before.


    It is a task runner for the scripting language (JS) used to run and check on tasks during the development process. Installation can be done just by using NPM—the package. After installation, JSON and grunt config files can be used to change the settings.

    Remarks overall

    Only Sublime Text, Github, and CodePen, three of the top 15 Frontend web development tools, are paid subscription services. Both CodePen and GitHub offer a free option. There are free versions of TypeScript, Angular, SASS, Grunt, etc.

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