Next Vs. React: Which Framework to Choose in 2022?

Next Vs React Which Framework to Choose in 2022

Statista says that 40.14 percent of all online apps use React JS, one of the best technologies currently. Because React JS has become so popular quickly, it is no longer just used for front-end web development. Even though it was first used for simple browser-based games, this technology is now used to make VR apps that use React 360 and other tools. Today, we’re going to look at how Gatsby and Next.js, two popular React frameworks, are similar and different (hottest competition of 2022)

Websites need things like image optimization and page navigation to work well. Unfortunately, these features aren’t built into the React framework, so they must be added using other libraries and complex setups.

Tools like Next.js and Gatsby have been made because of this need. Both came with enough features out of the box that Reacts JS developers could make a complete app from scratch with little to no configuration. With these frameworks, it’s easier to make websites work than if you had to write all the code from scratch.

An in-depth look at both Next.js and Gatsby

Let’s look at the differences and similarities between Next.js and Gatsby so you can choose the best framework for your business.

Methods for dealing with information

Gatsby shows app developers and users how to handle data correctly. This framework is the best when it comes to working with visual data. In addition, Gatsby has a large ecosystem of add-ons that can be used to expand the platform’s capabilities. Gatsby-images is one of these libraries that lets you change the sizes of the images your site’s users see while the site is being put together. It also can load slowly.

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Extensibility ( Plugins, addons, and libraries)

These React frameworks make it easy to connect to outside services that can improve how your app works. You can quickly set up your integration with Gatsby and Next, but Next.js is slower. Like WordPress, Gatsby has many add-ons that can be used to add to its essential features. You can do some things with the Gatsby plugin library: use a pre-made theme, compress pictures, and use the TypeScript compiler. You can make new features quickly and store them in the plugin repository. Look at the best plugins for Gatsby.


When comparing Gatsby to Next.js, it’s important to remember that, like node.js, Gatsby comes with many documentation and tutorials. If you’ve worked on other React-based projects, learning to use either framework shouldn’t take long. Its documentation has everything you need to know, from learning the basics to making a Gatsby site.


Let’s look at how Gatsby and Next can grow with your app to see how big it can get in the future. Gatsby works well for personal blogs and smaller, static sites, but as apps get more significant, the build process gets more challenging and may even fail. Gatsby’s Scaling issue page tells you that your app is “big” if it has more than 100,000 pages or if you get a lot of data from the GraphQL API.

Next Vs React


Community and support are two of the most important things to consider when comparing Next.js and Gatsby. Regarding Next.js, the company behind it, Vercel, has “ambassadors” whose job is to keep the community going and grow it by sharing new and valuable information regularly.


After deciding between Next.js and Gatsby for developing your project, it’s time to compare hosting options. Static assets that were made with Next.js can be stored anywhere. However, for server-side rendering to work, you need a server that is only used for that purpose.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It has been shown that stand-alone React apps are unsuitable for SEO, but it is still unclear whether Next.js and Gatsby are better. Next.js was made with server-side rendering in mind from the start. This framework uses Node.js as the server-side runtime to make JavaScript rendering happen on the server side.

Information Security

Next.js content management systems and application programming interfaces may contain certain sections, but data is still stored on the server. Because of this, there is room for abuse. In the case of Gatsby, however, it is enough to look at the original to find out everything you need to know. Comparing the two frameworks regarding how safe user data is, it is safe to say that Gatsby wins over Next.js.

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To use Next.js, you need to set up servers, maintain them, create databases, and so on. Gatsby, on the other hand, only needs a prerender on a build and a content delivery network to make sites that load in a flash (CDN). First, let’s look at how helpful Next.js and Gatsby are and see how they differ.

Next.js and Gatsby are used to make static sites.

A personal blog is an example of a static website. It comprises several HTML pages that each represent a different physical page. Anyone who goes to the website will see the same information, and they won’t be able to see changes as they happen. A static website like this will always have the same number of pages. The server doesn’t have to render these pages every time because the content won’t change.

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Next.js vs. Gatsby: Multi-user site

Users can join multi-user websites anytime and comment on the page’s content. Because of this, the content needs to be updated in real-time. What is the best framework for building websites like these? Let’s look into Next js more to see how it stacks up against Gatsby. Every registered website user that more than one person can use should get new and updated content.

A Look at Next.js and Gatsby, Two-Hybrid Development Frameworks, Side by Side

We need both CSR-handled data rendering and SSR-generated page UI for hybrid apps. Looking at Next.js and Gatsby side by side, you might decide that Next.js is the better option. If you are with me, you have understood these two frameworks.


We have seen that each React framework has its pros and cons. You can use them however you want and enjoy their beauty. Hence Which would you use if you had to choose Next.js and Gatsby? The answer to this burning question will depend on what your application needs. Find out if you need a simple website that doesn’t change much or a robust application that can handle a lot of visitors in the future.

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