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Nowadays, to hold up-to-date, a person simply wishes a mobile device with an application that is continuously broadcasting the trendy news, and that’s all. And this very individual can grow to be your potential user, consequently – a source of right income. We mean, it is time to create a news app and get a share of the earnings. We’ve accumulated and analyzed our personal experience and some open information and would like to furnish you with a few pieces of advice. We agree with our tips would assist you to implement the task.

Why do you need a mobile app for your news website and Newspaper Website & App Development Company?

People love to know things. From the geopolitical scenario to celeb gossip, we’re involved in all sorts of information. But with the pace we’re residing at, who’s obtained the time to keep abreast of the present-day news? That’s the place the demand for mobile news apps comes from.

By approaching newspaper app development the proper way and with the assistance of an expert Newspaper Website & App Development Company, you can develop your news outlet’s target market to unimaginable levels.

For companies dealing in news, the advantages of a mobile app are numerous.

First and foremost, adopting a digital news outlet for mobile significantly widens your audience, especially amongst youthful generations. But older people are additionally becoming more mobile-centered. A larger audience means increased revenue.

You can, of course, simply adapt your website for mobile browsers — it’s cheaper and can be done quickly. However, for your users, opening a website in a browser takes time and effort: they need to open the browser, type in the website address, then wait for the site to load. Opening a newsfeed with a single tap on the smartphone screen is way easier.

Besides, the average time for a web app web page to load in a browser ranges from ten to fifteen seconds even with a proper signal. The same web page can load in a mobile app in below 5 seconds. Mobile app interfaces are additionally way extra user-friendly than those of websites when opened on a narrow mobile screen.

A 2nd important benefit of having a mobile app is improved monetization options. We’ll cover this extra below, however, in short, monetization models in cell apps are various and can be mixed to carry in extra revenue.

And finally, mobile apps provide chances to interact with users, making them participants as a substitute for passive readers — something websites can grant in a very constrained way.

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News app types

News aggregator

An application of the First type collects various news about what is occurring in a certain city or country (or even across the globe). With a skillful strategy and the proper choice of the monetization method, such a service can deliver extremely good financial benefits to its owner and assist users to comply with events.


What content is relevant for a news application?

  1. Events of the city and the Say, exhibitions of agricultural products, regional fairs, city children’s holidays, charitable events.
  2. General political
  3. Global events which arouse the interest of a wide range of
  4. Announcements of future concerts, exhibitions, musical evenings, the repertoire of theaters, etc
  5. Weather in the city, region, country, and


Applications of the news portal

Being the owner of a news informational source (say, a newspaper or an internet resource, no matter) is a different story. In such a case, all the extra you want to think about magazine app development, namely, about the internet and mobile versions of your news platform. Because nowadays these are the inalienable conditions of your prosperity.


Why should news media resources have their local news apps?

Understanding how to build a news app can help you (as the news source owner) to achieve such goals as:

Increase user engagement.

Efficiency. News arrives at readers’ devices immediately after placement, so no one would miss important events.

Interactivity. The user himself decides which categories he is interested in and which notifications he is willing to receive. And a variety of media content in video, text, audio, and photo formats is positively perceived by the audience.

The growth of the audience. News app development leads to the possibility of reaching a wider audience of readers.

Additional benefit. The ability to place targeted in-app ads contribute to the monetization of your service

Newspaper Website & App Development Company



The feed is the heart of any news app, its front page. This is where the latest headlines and bylines are displayed; it’s the first thing readers see when they open the app. For this reason, the feed is one of the most important parts of an app.


A search feature allows your readers to find mentions of people and events across categories.

Filtering system

Unless your online magazine is dedicated to a single narrow topic, you need some kind of categorization for readers to easily find articles they’re interested in.

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No one enjoys repeating the same task time and time again — even if it’s simple, like choosing a topic from a list. Most popular news aggregators offer a “follow topic” feature where users choose topics they’re interested in.

Visual customization

News apps are additionally reading apps, and making yours customizable will win you, extra loyal users. As you work on your newspaper app design, reflect on consideration on permitting your readers to select colors — black-on-white and white-on-black are pretty basic, and you can throw in different colors for headers, links, etc. Customizable font size will be preferred by means of people with bad eyesight.



  1. splash advertising when the application is launched;
  2. an unobtrusive ad unit constantly remaining on the screen;

Paid Subscriptions,

A very popular way to monetize the product of news app development. Of course, it’s unreasonable to make the application completely paid (so you deprive yourself of a large number of users), just offer a paid service in addition to the free version.


This way of monetization would come in handy when your service has gained enough popularity among users.

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How much will it cost to develop a News App?

Well, a simple news mobile app for a single platform (Android or iOS) with neat navigation, appealing UX design, & categorization will cost somewhere from $10000-$20,000). However, if you desire an app with great functionality (animations, customized audio/video content, self-curated user-feeds), then the cost can go up to $30,000. For more information contact Next Big Technology, the best web development company, mobile app development company, and Newspaper Website & App Development Company

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