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    Mobile Onboarding Can Flourish Your Business And Make User-Life Easy

    Mobile Onboarding Can Flourish Your Business And Make User-Life Easy

    Amit Shukla

    How Can Mobile Onboarding Flourish Your Business And Make User-Life Easy? Does this question bother you? Then in this article, you get to know in-depth knowledge about how it can be helpful for your business to grow.

    Why a mobile application for your business?

    Communication via the internet is evolving at a colossal speed as technology advances. A few years ago, the smartphone market was still stuttering. Now, almost the entire population is equipped, and nearly 80% of internet connections are now made through a Smartphone.

    What results for your corporate communication? A website alone is no longer enough! Now your website must be ideally suited for mobile use; otherwise, you risk losing most of your audience. Therefore, you have two alternatives: a mobile version and/or a mobile application.

    Mobile Onboarding Can Flourish Your Business And Make User-Life Easy

    The website

    Speaking of your corporate website, it is quite simply a classic site, designed for navigation on the big screen, from a computer. The website is generally indispensable today because it allows you to communicate on the internet. It shares useful information with your customers and prospects.

    The mobile version

    The mobile version website is nothing more than a copy of your website designed to fit the smartphone or tablet screen. This is often a simpler version, which allows you to quickly consult the content on a touch screen from a web browser. Note that if a site’s mobile version is easier to develop than a responsive site, it is also more painful.

    Responsive site

    With the development of the mobile web, we have seen more and more responsive websites appear. Quite simply, they are websites designed to automatically adapt to the screen’s size on which they are viewed. Very efficient, because they can adapt to any screen size, they are still quite limited for complex website projects.

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    Mobile app

    Unlike the mobile version, which can be viewed from a web browser, the mobile Application is like software that you can install on your smartphone. It is important to remember here that these concepts can be quite additional.

    The advantages of a mobile application

    Note that a mobile application is often more difficult to develop than a simple mobile version of a website. However, this difficulty is justified by the many advantages of a Mobile Application:

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    1. Create a relationship with your audience

    Downloading a web application is already the first alliance. Thus, you are convinced that everyone who will have downloaded your Application is sensitive to your message and your products and services. Being directly present on your audience’s smartphone is already a big plus!

    Mobile Onboarding Can Flourish Your Business And Make User-Life Easy

    1. Simplify access to your content

    To access your Application, a customer will simply click on a logo. On the other hand, accessing a website or mobile requires doing a Google search or knowing a URL. By facilitating access to your content, you can be sure that your customers will consult it more often.

    1. Sends notifications

    Unlike a website, a Mobile Application allows you to send “push” notifications directly to your audience. Do you have important news to share? Your Application will permit you to post an announcement to all those who have installed it.

    1. You can use all the opportunities that a smartphone offers

    Having a mobile application is also an opportunity to use new tools, such as geolocation. The possibilities are endless to turn an Application into a unique marketing tool, and the only limit is your imagination!

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