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    Laundry Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

    Laundry Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

    Amit Shukla

    Are you running a laundry business? Then this article would be helpful for you. To simplify the process, you can approach the best mobile app development company to get an application built for you.

    Today’s lives are becoming busier day by day for everyone. People are trying to save time so that they spend it usefully. They don’t want to just waste the time by doing household works and here comes the utilization of laundry.

    People can just go to laundry shops and hand over the clothes and get them washed and as soon as the laundry job is done, people can come and collect their fabric. Moreover, it’s up to people if they want to get the clothes washed and ironed for them or if they want the clothes to get deep cleaned to get the dirt and stains removed and much more. Also, it’s very much difficult for every one of us to get the dirt and dust removed from the curtains or rugs or any heavy blankets. In that case, laundry shops prove to be extremely beneficial. You might wonder what the washing machine would do in every home? Washing machines even though exist in every home, the machines don’t try to wash all the stains and dirt’s from the clothes. Laundry shops own big machines which can be used for deep cleaning purposes.

    When laundry shops function with the use of mobile applications then the process of managing orders would become very much simple. People can just look out for the service they require and can go ahead to place the order. As soon as the order is placed the concerned laundry agent would come to collect the clothes and once the opted service request is completed, the agent would come and hand over the clothes and the payment can be done via the app. Such a simple process. Is it not?

    Laundry App Development CompanyThe insistence on building on-demand laundry mobile apps would grow in the coming days and you can contact any laundry mobile app development services to get your work done if you are having any interest in building such apps.

    Already there are many successful laundry mobile applications in the market such as Cleanly, Rinse, FlyCleaners, and so on.

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    How does a laundry app function?

    As soon as the user or customer places the order for the required service, the order is directed to the concerned laundry person. Once the laundry person checks and confirms the order, the delivery agent would come to the user’s place or location and would collect the clothes from the user, and then the laundry person would do the washing and rest of the process. Then as soon as the clothes are ready to be delivered, the delivery agent would be called and informed to do the delivery of the clothes to the customer.

    Business model:

    The business model operates based on either the on-site model or aggregator model. The on-site model would suit large laundry businesses which are already established and the aggregator model would match for start-ups.

    Let us know the basic and prominent features of the laundry mobile app:

    User Panel:

    1. Sign up and access the app. (The user can log in using the social media accounts too).
    2. Search or find the laundry services in the nearby vicinity.
    3. Choose the service according to one’s requirement and also refer to the prices.
    4. Laundry gathering requests can be sent.
    5. An appropriate date and time can be chosen and scheduled.
    6. Refer status of the order – Clothes picked/washed/on the way to delivery/delivered.
    7. The laundry delivery app development agent could be traced or tracked.
    8. History can be utilized by the user to refer to past information.
    9. Users can pay using various payment gateways which are integrated into the app.
    10. Push notifications can aid the user to get the required information notified through SMS and so on.

    Laundry person Panel:

    1. The laundry person can access the app by giving his/her details.
    2. Charges can be edited or modified or deleted.
    3. Approve or reject the order request.
    4. Refer to the history to know past information.
    5. Manage orders.
    6. Manage status.
    7. Can check out the total earnings as well as commission gained.
    8. Can check out reviews/feedback.

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    Delivery agent Panel:

    1. A delivery agent can access the app by signing up the app with the required details.
    2. Examine order requests received/pick-up and drop off clothes.
    3. If the user opts for COD, then the delivery agent has the responsibility to collect the money from the user.
    4. In-app message/calls – the delivery person can make a call to the users or can text.
    5. Utilizing geo-location, the delivery agent can locate the customers’ place.

    Manager – Admin Panel:

    The super admin has the duty of managing the accounts of the users or customers, laundry person accounts and also must see to it that the management of the laundry business is functioning properly, etc.

    Managing payments, CMS, commissions, referring to analytics, etc. are all managed by the admin.

    There are many advanced attributes that can be incorporated such as CRM integrations, Multi-language assistance, Discounts/Offers, Google analytics, etc.

    You might require a sound development team – front–end and back-end developers, designers, QA experts, and testers to get a successful laundry app built.

    Cost to build laundry mobile app:

    The cost to develop laundry mobile applications would rely on various factors such as if you are planning to build on Android or iOS or both, complexity level, location of developers, attributes, or elements that you would like to incorporate.

    Generally, it would cost around 10,000$ to 25,000$ to get a laundry mobile aHome Services App Development Companypp built on a single platform on either android or iOS and consisting of all significant elements. The cost would go much higher if many other features need to be appended.


    Hope this article would give a brief understanding of laundry mobile app development, its cost, and features.

    If you are running a laundry business then it’s probably high time to get a laundry mobile app built for your business due to the modern epoch.

    The per-hour rate of the developer in India stands at 10$-80$ and varies accordingly in other countries.

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    In case you require any assistance in getting a laundry app built, you can contact Next Big Technology for further communication.

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