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    Know the basic features and total cost of Airmeet Clone Application Development

    Know the basic features and total cost of Airmeet Clone Application Development


    In a world, today where everything actually has moved digitally, operating remotely and learning is practically no longer a Herculean task. Employers actually can communicate with their staff, and educational institutions really can collaborate with their particular students at any moment, wherever, without any kind of restriction, provided that they have instead a leading-edge video clip conferencing application very much like Airmeet and secure internet access.

    With many people adjusting to the new trend, the use of video conferencing applications has increased, and so has actually their sales. Join this vibrant movement by introducing a comprehensive Airmeet app. Increasing demand would attract more customers to your own solution in no particular time, making you a major name in your own niche. At NBT solutions, we sell the Airmeet Clone software to help you get on the bandwagon somewhere in the pretty shortest time period possible. Please contact us for getting started!

    Private/Public video-conference

    Users should set up meetings where someone with a link can participate or be password secured to allow only those with a password to access.


    Webinars where several users can interact and share their information seamlessly.

    Digital Activities Users can actually attend virtual gatherings, industry conferences, multimedia seminars, etc., free of charge with our best Airmeet clone solution.

    Recurrent meetings

    Users may establish periodic meetings where they can somehow use the same connection to hold several meetings, Discharge the urge to build sessions any single day.

    Live online 1-on-1

    Users somehow can communicate to others via one-on-one personal private video calling sessions shielded by multi-level authentication.

    Voice of calls

    Users can link and otherwise communicate with each other via simple, distorted voice calls.

    The Mute/The Unmute

    The host can indeed mute or otherwise unmute any person who takes part in the basic meeting. Users may also mute or otherwise unmute themselves depending on their desires.

    Cloud Meeting app actual benefits very much like Airmeet Clone

    Multilevel Protection

    Our Airmeet replica is protected with several layers of encryption and otherwise encrypted end-to-end to preserve the safety and confidentiality of the data exchanged during online meetings.

    Platforms now for virtual case

    With our approach, companies will organize immersive gatherings such as webinars, current live meetings, employee participation services, etc. without any kind of distortions.

    Unlimited tools for e-learning

    Our solution helps users for accessing e-learning tools and otherwise learns mostly from tutors at any point of time, out anywhere. Location is somehow never a limitation, and consumers are given a customized learning experience. NBT solutions basically charge 5000USD to 20,000 USD for one time and the basic Hourly Rate is mostly around 15USD to 20 USD.

    Solution rich in features

    The Airmeet clone is equipped with a number of advanced features, such as screen capturing, screen sharing, hand-wrapping, blurring context, and many more, to enable users to link and interact effectively.

    Support for video chat

    With our best video conferencing service, you can provide online video chat assistance to your customers and otherwise attend to their questions quickly, driving full customer loyalty.

    Strong networking links

    Not only just this solution provides business connectivity, but it also helps users to create their social connections by engaging with their own circle through private or group video chats.

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