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    How much cost & time does it take to build an app like Uber

    How much cost & time does it take to build an app like Uber?

    Amit Shukla

    Mobile app developers are really a blessing for today’s business entrepreneurs. Is that true or not? If you want to build an app similar to uber then you can hire an app developer for your assistance.

    Uber is a taxi–booking app. It is used frequently by everyone due to its outstanding performance. It is pretty easy for anyone to use the app for booking taxis. Hence it has earned a good name. Its features are excellent.

    • Features are many which is a must to incorporate in the app while developing.
    • Uber-like app embraces two dissimilar applications with different functionalities. That is the customer app and driver’s app.
    • Certain features are similar in both apps that are customer and drivers app.

    Features on customers’ app inculcate the following working components:

    1. Geolocation
    2. Push notifications
    3. Payments
    4. Registration/Login
    5. Booking interface
    6. Messaging
    7. Price calculator
    8. Ratings

    Features on the driver app are the following:

    1. Push notifications
    2. Geolocation
    3. Driver interface
    4. Admin panel
    5. Reports
    6. Price estimation

    Web-based applications exist for the admin panel as well to control all the booking, allocating driver, managing payrolls of drivers, etc.

    Today our discussion will be on the time and cost factor to construct an app like Uber.

    1. Backend: Backend developers make use of Java, Python, or Java languages to construct an app like Uber and they link the passenger and driver app by an interface. A single database system is used for storing all the data. Cost depends on the developers whom you hire based on the time they try to work on the development. It might take 200 hours or even more to construct an app like Uber due to its back-end functionality. If you want to inculcate many other features, then it might take more time.

    Back-end functions are very much necessary to attend to customer requests and driver calculations.

    1. Android/iOS platform: The development platform must also be taken into consideration while judging cost. Functionality is similar for both of these platforms I.e. Android or iOS. It is always preferable to construct an app for both of these platforms paving way for many customers to use the app efficiently without any hurdles. Only tools and frameworks would be platform-specific.


    1. Region: Cost factor varies widely from one location to the other.


    1. Web development: Web applications are certainly mandatory for managing and having control over the app that is admin. Developing the web version also incurs costs for you.


    1. Design, Features, and Maintenance: Maintenance depends on what features are present in the app; continuous upgrading of the app is very much necessary. Cost also depends on features and design which you would like to incorporate.


    Functionality Cost($) Time(h)
    Geolocation 920 46
    Payment Integrations-API’s 1720 86
    Registration 1200 60
    Notifications 1420 71
    Ride cost 800 40
    Ride schedule 2400 120
    Book ride for others 5000 250
    Price 2340 117
    Backend 2800 140
    Android/iOS 2700 135
    Design 2600 130
    The total amount for one complete app 23900 1149
    The total amount for two complete apps 47800 2395


    Cost also relies on many other factors such as special features which you would prefer to add to the app, cost applies for developing admin panel web application as well. Also, “cost” depends on other factors such as if you want the same app to be used by disabled people and people with special medical needs, etc.

    Final Conclusion:

    You can hire a mobile app developer if you want to get a taxi app constructed similar to Uber. A single platform application would cost you around 23900$ at 20$ per hour rate. As mentioned above, the final cost relies on various other factors. Find the Best Mobile App Development Company that provides excellent services at the best competitive rates. Connect us !

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