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    UBER Clone App Development Company

    We develop high quality, interactive and fully functional
    taxi app like UBER Taxi Mobile APP.

    Uber taxi service became one of the most used taxi services in the recent times. Uber services came into usage extensively on a global level due to the app flexibility and comfort. Anyone can easily book a taxi using the app. The features were admired by the people and therefore the taxi services earned popularity in a short while.

    Uber Clone App Development Services


    Next Big technology is the top-rated Uber clone app development company in India. We have been working and have worked with global clients and are pioneers in building taxi applications. We can provide customized as well as readymade solutions. If you are looking for the best Uber clone app development company for your business, you can undoubtedly contact us and we can assist you.

    We have already built Uber clone applications for our clients and thus have extensive experience. As we are in the field of mobile and app development, we have faced numerous challenges in the projects and we have tackled them successfully. We can build on any platform you require.

    Avail our Uber clone app development services at reasonable cost!

    Why you might need an app like Uber?

    1. Uber like app might make your business get popular.
    2. People tend to use the app due to the enthralling features.
    3. Your business might expand.
    4. You can expect more returns.

    If you are looking to obtain an Uber like app solution then we are here for you. Do talk to us to clarify your doubts.

    Functionality of an Uber clone app:

    1. As soon as the user books the vehicle from the Uber clone app, with the assistance of the automatic functionality the request would be sent to the driver.
    2. As soon as the driver receives the request, he would come to the pick-up point and picks up the customer and then would complete the ride.
    3. Payment is made by the customer and rating/reviews are being given by the customer regarding the app and the service of the driver.
    Uber clone Script
    Uber clone


    Uber clone app features:

    Customer Panel

    1. Sign-Up: The user can register by giving significant information and can then access the app.

    2. Social media login: The user can access the account using social media.

    3. Forgot password: The user can reset the password using the attribute.

    4. Schedule Ride immediately or later: The user can use the feature to book a ride immediately or later.

    5. Set pick up location: The customer can set the pick-up location as required.

    6. Set drop location: The drop location can be fixed accordingly by the customer.

    7. Fetch drivers contact: The drivers contact can be obtained using the element.

    8. Choose the type of vehicle: The vehicle type can be selected according to one’s preference.

    9. Details: The user can receive all the details regarding the driver’s name, contact number and OTP.

    10. Price calculator: The approximate fare can be got to known.

    11. Multiple payment options: The user can utilize multiple payment options for making payment.

    12. Book for friends or family: The actual user can book a ride for his/her friends/relatives.

    13. Live tracking: The user can track the driver’s location.

    14. History: The user can look at the past information for much details.

    15. Emergency button: The user can make use of the emergency button in case of issues.

    16. Break payments: The actual payment can be broken and the amount can be paid.

    17. Rating and reviews: The user can give appropriate comments/reviews.

    18. Discounts/Offers: The user can utilize the discounts/offers while making payments.

    19. Contact Support team: Support team can be contacted in case of problem.

    20. Add favorite places to the list: The user can add the favorite places to the list.

    21. Refer driver: The user can refer the driver to friends or family.

    22. Push notifications: The user can receive notifications when there are updates.

    23. In-app Chat/Call: The user can make a call or chat with the driver.

    24. Long trips: Long or outstation trips can be booked.

    25. Cancel ride: The user can cancel the ride by stating reason.

    26. Single mode: This feature can assist old age citizens.

    27. Rent car: The user can book the car for rent.

    28. Customer special request: The user can give some prominent requests such as baby seat request, gender preference, wheel chair and any other particular requirements can be given here.

    Uber clone


    Drivers Panel

    1. Drivers account: The driver can access the account by feeding appropriate information.
    2. Upload: The driver can upload the relevant license documents, id proofs, etc.
    3. Availability: The driver can set the timings/working hours.
    4. Accept/reject requests: The driver can accept or reject the request accordingly.
    5. Details: The driver would receive the customers details as soon as the request is accepted such as customers name, location and contact info.
    6. Push notifications: The driver can receive notifications if any updates are there.
    7. Earnings: The driver can track the earnings/profits.
    8. Contact admin: The driver can make a call to the admin and can contact admin if there is any issue.
    9. Upcoming rides: The driver can get to know the latest ride information.
    10. GPS: The driver can easily locate the address of the customer using GPS as we integrate this feature in the app. Easier routes can also be got to known.
    11. In-app chat/call: The driver can call or message to the customer.

    Admin Panel

    1. Manage revenues.

    2. Manage customer accounts.

    3. Manage driver accounts.

    4. Manage drivers’ payments.

    5. Reports and statistics.

    6. Manage requests.

    7. Manage settings of the site.

    8. Check and verify drivers’ documents.

    9. Manage issues/complaints.

    10. Manage drivers’ issues/problems.

    Uber clone


    Why us?

    1. We customize 100%.

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    6. We offer maintenance and support services as well.

    7. We can build on any kind of platform you require.

    8. Our expert professionals can handle any complexities.

    9. We can tackle any challenges in a smart manner.

    10. We have extensive experience in building Uber like clone applications.

    We assure that our optimized Uber clone app solutions would definitely impress you. Talk to us if you are looking for Uber clone app solutions.

    You can contact Next Big Technology for more information. Trust us! We are here for you to make your dream come true!