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    Gojek Clone Development Company

    Amit Shukla

    Gojek clone Is now ready to launch with a quick and easy script. Moreover, it is a unique app that offers multiple on-demand services.

    The services include household maintenance services, transportation, delivery, etc. Every script we use will have helpful options.

    All the options are entirely relevant to the requirement of the client. However, those features are mainly for boosting the business properly.

    Initially, the app will offer taxi booking services to the customers. However, multiple services are integrated into the application due to quick demand.

    The main focus is to deliver a one-stop solution to every customer. Moreover, it will enable every user to use a single app for multiple services.

    It will eliminate the requirement for installing multiple apps. Instead, users download different apps for different service requirements.

    Sometimes it can be frustrating for most of us. For example, managing multiple apps can be difficult. Not to mention the wastage of storage space in our smartphones.

    This solution will provide convenience to the customers. This is the main reason entrepreneurs are now interested in this app.

    Currently, it is one of the mainstream requirements of every customer. Therefore, we can consider this solution as the super app for everything.

    Before you get started, it is important to know about a few standards.

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    Reason to Launch Gojek Clone App:

    The pandemic situation has completely changed our way of life. We can claim it as the destruction of our lifestyle.

    Although according to human history. We have always found a way to make our life more comfortable.

    Most importantly, we also work on making it safe and secure. This is one of the major survival instincts in every human being.

    We have seen a drastic increase in smartphones and Internet usage. Currently, mobile apps are one of the major modes of service.

    We can say that these apps add convenience to our lives. Similarly, the Gojek clone Is one of the best on-demand service apps.

    It makes every service convenient for a common person. Nowadays, we can easily access any service without physically accessing them.

    We do not require any stepping out for what we want. Apps are ready to deliver the expectation we need to desire.

    We can complete the service without roaming here and there with a few clicks. However, multiple apps can be a difficult way of handling services.

    We can understand that every person has an increasing demand for service. However, it can be fulfilled by the Gojek clone app for different reasons.

    Currently, more than 100 on-demand service apps are available in the market.

    It includes P2P payments, taxi booking services, wallets, food delivery services, on-demand family services, etc.

    Multi-Service Exclusive Features of Gojek Clone App:

    Multiple service business is now possible to have a digital version. Currently, it is one of the leading opportunities in the online market.

    We can easily proceed with Gojek clone app Development services. Most importantly, all the latest features will be available in the app.

    It will ensure a hassle-free experience for every customer. Therefore, we can easily manage the business without much effort.

    We have listed all the exclusive features of the app. Note that the app is divided into 3 different service categories.

    They will work on delivering unique features to every section. It is important to have all the 3 sections to have a complete outcome.

    Customer App Features:

    • Quick and easy onboarding
    • Selection of any service
    • Schedule booking function
    • Access to booking or order history
    • Ratings and reviews
    • Secure and seamless payment modes

    Admin Dashboard Features:

    • Easy user management
    • Complete service provider management
    • Promote exciting offers
    • Efficient analytics
    • Seamless management of payments
    • Ratings and review overview

    Service Provider or Driver Panel Features:

    • Convenient and free sign up
    • Easy upload of documents
    • Complete earning details
    • Proper profile management
    • Accept and reject request toggle
    • Service invoice generation

    Mobile App Development AdExtra Important Features of Gojek Clone App Development:

    Gojek clone app Development also needs to have a few extra features. It will ensure to have better opportunity to have success in the market.

    Note that all of these features are essential for development. In addition, it will add more convenience to the customers.

    Therefore it will help the business to proceed along the way. Therefore, look into the details of these important features.

    The web development company will work on implementing those features.

    • Voice over internet protocol:

    Voice over Internet Protocol is commonly known as VoIP. This is one of the common features available in the most app.

    It will allow the proper contact between the service provider and the customer. They can use the Internet to make phone calls from the app.

    This is one of the convenient ways to understand the situation.

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    • Broadcast messages

    Broadcast messages enable to send messages and alerts quickly. This is the best way to share information within the app.

    Every alert and message can be sent to all the associated users. It includes customer service providers and drivers.

    No need to separately select any message and send them. This function will offer quick management for the app admin.

    • Kiosk app:

    Kiosk app will help in expanding the customer base. Every customer will get the opportunity to reserve their services.

    It is much similar to any physical kiosk available in the market. We will get the digital version of the service from the app.

    We can say that services are evolving at a rapid pace. This is one of the biggest examples we can get.

    • Real-time chat:

    In-app chat is much similar to the call feature in the app. Every service provider and the user will have the ability to contact each other.

    This is the best direct communication system we can have. Therefore, it is important to have a real-time chat to connect and resolve issues quickly.

    • Real-time currency:

    The app allows the customers to check the currency exchange rate. Every customer will have the ability to calculate the total fare.

    In the case of foreign customers, they can also understand the conversion in local currency. So, we can say that it is the universal variant of the service app.

    This is one of the important functions for daily customers.

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