Digital media impact over Media World


Digital media has grown rapidly in all aspects of the world for some years now but no one has ever thought that it will have so much of impact over today’s world. Digital media has impact over the media world with a high increasing rate.

In each year digital media has grown in every field of life whether it comes to advertising, use of online shopping sites, use of computers and cellphones and how people receives news or any other information through social media.

Social Media

Use of social media i.e facebook, instagram, linkedin,twitter, tinder etc has been increased so vastly such that the real social life has come to an end. People are connecting with other people through these social media platforms instead of connecting socially. Use of facebook, instagram , twitter etc has been increased widely for exchange of information, news related to social life, shopping, politics etc as well as for various other fields.
There has been a huge drop of newspaper circulation printing across the country because now our iPad, computer or phone can pull up the daily news for us. Although now also there are so many people who still buy print newspapers so we won’t think it for another 5 to 6 years that print newspaper will be gone away.

Digital Media

Use of digital media has increased from last few years with such a fast speed such that people could ever think of it. People are moving over to digital media for performing various payment transaction as well. There has been many apps and website which allows online payment transactions some of them are paytm, phonepay etc.

The number of people accessing the internet via a mobile phone increasing by 60% in the last 2 years which clearly defines its impact over the world. Use of digital media has increased the cyber crime rate as well.

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