Best E-Commerce Development Companies for Industries

Best E-Commerce Development Companies for Industries


E-Commerce is the feature of the business paradigm, which is experiencing excellent growth. The $1.3 Trillion industry grows to $4.5 Trillion by 2020. According to experts, it could reach $6 Trillion by the year 2023. Most of the brands are interested in providing their products and services through the online market. Even with the negative impact of COVID-19, the industry is growing at a steady pace. According to studies, more than 56 % of small businesses do not have any website or digital presence. Several companies provide services for eCommerce development with proper analysis and execution.

Reasons Small Businesses Does Not Use E-commerce:

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Nowadays, the majority of people are convenient in shopping from their computer or smartphone devices. Online presence is one of the most important things that need to be implemented by every brand. Customers are reliant on finding services and products on the internet in the comfort of their homes. Every big industry is having a massive online presence, or they are in the process of doing so. On the other hand, small businesses are reluctant to join the online market due to few reasons.

  • Most of the small business owners think that their business is not big enough to have a website.
  • You have them who are interested in online presence but do not have the technical expertise to build or use a website.
  • Lastly, they think that it is costly to develop and start a website.

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E-Commerce Companies are the Best Helping Hand:

E-commerce companies can help you set up a website along with support and maintenance. Once your business is in the online world, your business will get to see an increase in revenue by competing online. Many companies provide budget-friendly eCommerce development services. Before you get started, the thing you need to keep in mind is which eCommerce development companies can help you with.

  • Website Design & Development:

Website Redesign Company

They will help you to create attractive and responsive websites that complement your brand. They will use the latest technology available to provide a user-friendly website. Apart from these features, they will also provide security and performance stability.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

By search engine optimization they will enhance your website which will increase traffic and sales. SEO increases online visibility, which in return increases traffic and sales.

  • Payment Gateways:

Payment Gateway

Every commerce website requires a secure and convenient payment gateway for the customers. Customers will feel most secure while using payment gateways to pay for any product or service through your website. It also integrates mobile wallets and shopping cards development into your website.

  • Chatbot Integration:

AI chatbot will help the customers 24×7 by assisting them with video services on your website. They are very responsive and provide accurate suggestions and help tips to the customers.

  • PPC Advertising:

This will help you to increase sales with the help of data-driven PPC ads.

  • Amazon Marketing Services:

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Major eCommerce platforms can be used to increase sales and visibility. Such platforms include eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

  • Data Analytics:

Enhancing and improving the performance of your website by monitoring KPIs. This ensures excellent performance across any devices the customer for using to access your website.

You also need to keep in mind that, not every e-commerce development companies of our all of the above-mentioned services. You hire eCommerce developers who offer eCommerce development services you need for your online presence.

Best E-Commerce Development Companies for Industries:

E-commerce website development

There are numerous eCommerce development companies ready to offer you their E-commerce website development and eCommerce app development. Although finding the appropriate services for your brand can take time. We have listed down a few of the best eCommerce development companies with budget-friendly delivery.

  1. Next Big Technology:

This is one of the companies who offer services in both India &the USA. Next Big Technology is another web development company offering services to low-budget businesses. The expertise in website design, E-Commerce solutions, web development, search engine optimization, mobile app development company, API integration services, software solutions, WordPress experts, etc. The company is in service since 2009, and they use the best latest technology for the development of the website and mobile apps.

The company is having a team of 50+ professional developers with experienced skill sets. They are engaged with various Industries like real estate, dating and social networks, banking, and Finance, healthcare solutions, etc. They have completed the milestone of delivering more than 3000 projects. With the experience of 11 years, this company is one of the most recommended for your brand.

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  1. Emnizentech:

Another company from where you can hire eCommerce developers for your brand. The focus is on customer satisfaction by boosting the sales of the client. They analyze and executes the best possible technology available for your website. The company provides various services in the e-commerce development category. They provide social E-Commerce development, online store development, B2B or B2C marketplace, auction and bidding platform, ticketing and booking solutions, etc.

Don’t be shy to choose their additional services like performance optimization, E-Commerce consultation, and e-commerce auditing. You can easily hire eCommerce developers according to your requirements at a reasonable rate. They also offer chatbot integration which is included in the eCommerce web development services.

  1. Brainvire:

Brainvire is one of the leading e-commerce website development companies offers services to the client in inexpensive rate. They have expertise in consultation, development, optimization, and design of websites and mobile apps. Experienced developers create E-Commerce web applications focused on the client brand by using Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Drupal, WooCommerce. While developing an E-commerce website that focuses on 4 major things, Mobile friendly website, quick deployment in, scalable solutions, and best UI. They are having a reputation of specialization in e-commerce.

The dedicated team of the company implements innovative designs and focuses on on-time delivery to the client. They also provide E-Commerce marketing, payment gateway, chatbot integration, E-Commerce analytics, and e-commerce PPC advertising. They have completed more than 800 e-commerce websites, made more than 600 expansions and customizations to the website. They extend their services with 100% customizable websites and web development.

  1. Sparx IT Solutions:

Get the best cutting-edge eCommerce web development services for your industry. They are determined to serve customers around the globe to provide the best eCommerce solution. Not only do they focus on the basics of e-commerce websites and web development services, but they also provide additional services as well. Multi-currency support, multi-vendor eCommerce development, responsive design, and multilingual support are provided by the company. They will also help you to migrate and upgrade your web portal into the latest design and technology.

The uses an agile approach to have the maximum growth of your website. Every website is designed to be mobile-friendly, no need to get the service separately. Get an effective and interactive user interface that is appealing to your customers. Get all the latest functionalities India website which make browsing and complex task easier and faster. They have completed more than 5100 website design and development projects.

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  1. Tops Infosolutions Pvt Ltd:

A USA-based company that provides services like web application, E-Commerce and CMS, mobile application and your services. Expert team of developers uses various technology platforms and frameworks like iOS, Android, PHP, Magento, WordPress, Angular, .net, etc. Boost your sales and traffic with the calibrated domain expertise, which offers efficient reliable, and customized web development solutions. Get on-demand applications that complement the brand and industry.

Get complete enterprise mobility with cloud support. They are providing services to more than 250 major clients in over 20 countries. They are involved in software development for industries like manufacturing, food and beverages, real estate, healthcare, hospitality, retail, etc. Most importantly the profiles budget-friendly services are much helpful to small business industries.

  1. Urtasker:

Urtasker is one of the top consultancy and marketing agencies. The phone was founded in the year 2015, and currently has a workforce of more than 200 e-commerce marketing experts. The e-commerce expert team provides services like Amazon marketing, listing optimization, brand management, photography, and design, sale on Walmart, design, and development. Just like any other eCommerce web development company, they have completed more than 1000 projects worldwide. They offer easy 5 step services for each project. In the initial step, the company understands and discovers the requirement of the client.

Then they go for an initial business assessment by understanding the requirement of the client. The third step is the plan of action, where they analyze and develop the requirement of the client. The fourth step is the complete debugging and all the requirements to complete the project. Finally, the digital marketing process ensures the growth of the brand shows the latest online presence.

Wrapping Things Up:

eCommerce website development ensures business growth due to online presence. There are various eCommerce development companies that we have listed above that will help you in eCommerce website development. Read the article carefully before choosing any eCommerce development services for your brand. Don’t forget to share this article, it will help others to get well informed before choosing any services for their brand.

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