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    Multi-Vendor eCommerce
    App Development

    We develop high quality, interactive and fully functional
    eCommerce app for enhanced shopping experience.

    Are you looking for multi-vendor eCommerce app development company? Then we are here to assist you! We can build on Android and iOS platforms.

    Multi-Vendor eCommerce App Development

    Multi-Vendor eCommerce apps are marketplace apps which are built specifically to benefit sellers and buyers. The platform can be utilized by the sellers to sell their stuff/products and the buyers can purchase the desired product.

    For instance: Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

    The vendors can register and can access their accounts so that they can sell the products of their choice. Flexible management of stock and simple process of selling the products by using the application are the benefits that the seller can acquire.

    Through app the users can look for the product and can order them and once the product is packed it is delivered to the users address.

    Multi-Vendor eCommerce App Development Company

    Next Big technology is the leading and most – preferred mobile and app development company. We can offer profitable multi-vendor eCommerce app development solutions for your business.

    1. B2C
    2. B2B
    3. C2C

    Whatever your business type might be, we can provide you the best app solution.

    Our developers can build on any platform you require. We have successfully built many multi-vendor eCommerce applications and thus hold substantial experience. We can implement features as per your requirements.

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    We build scalable, user-friendly applications along with concrete CRM system and we integrate third party API’s and customize 100% according to your needs.

    We build innovative multi-vendor eCommerce applications utilizing the latest technologies for any kind of business at an affordable cost and on any platform, you need!

    Connect with us and you can get your doubts clarified!

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    Why you might require a multi-vendor eCommerce app for your business?

    1. The advantage of owning a multi-vendor eCommerce app is it can bring more traffic. Even though you own a website for your business, an app would prove much more beneficial as it can bring a greater number of customers and therefore you can expect more revenue.
    2. You can expand your business.
    3. Many customers would get benefited as an app is much easier to order any product.
    4. Easier process to manage.
    5. In order to succeed you require the assistance of technology.

    So, there are many advantages of getting an app designed and built for your business. And in today’s scenario it’s a must to own an app for your business. People definitely have mobile phones in their hands and people do love shopping. An app would assist the customers better in shopping the product of their liking/interest.


    Customer Interface

    Add to Cart:

    Once the item is found by the user, the items are added to the cart.


    As we integrate various payment options, multiple options would be available for the user to make payment.

    Push notifications:

    The user would get to know the updates, notifications like when the order is planned to be shipped, etc.

    Track package:

    The user can track the order number and can find more details like when the order is going to be delivered and as such.


    The user can choose the preferred language and can proceed.


    The user can opt for the preferred currency.

    List of orders:

    The user can view the order list.


    The user can get to know the past information.


    The user can know what all orders where returned.


    The user can make use of the coupon code or discounts.


    The user can edit and modify the settings as per their needs.


    The user can make use of help option in case of any problem.

    Support/Customer service:

    The user can contact support team if in case any issues or problems.


    The user can rate and review the app and as well as the service.


    Store staff Panel


    The store staff can register and can access the app.

    Add/delete/modify catalogue:

    The person can add or delete items from the catalogue.

    Upload images:

    The store person can upload the images of the product. Apart from picture additions the person can add video clips associated with the products for clear view and understanding of the product for the customers.

    Stock management:

    The person can easily be able to maintain the stock and inventory related to the products that are sold by the vendor. The item stock is easily manageable with the help of this attribute.

    Receive Orders:

    The person can view the number of orders received from the customer.

    Track earnings:

    Appropriate commission and earnings made from the app can be tracked.


    The staff person can have an opportunity to go through the reviews published by the customers regarding the product quality and service.

    Push notifications:

    Significant updates are received through the feature.

    Delivery agent Panel


    Sign up and access the app.

    Upload documents:

    The person can upload relevant ID proofs, etc.

    Orders assigned:

    The person can get to know the orders assigned to him to deliver the product.

    Order details:

    The person could get to know the customer information such as address, name and contact number.


    Appropriate reviews and ratings can be given for the service.


    As we integrate GPS with the app the delivery agent can get to know the customers location to do the delivery.

    Status update:

    The delivery person as soon as the product is delivered to the concerned person, the status is updated like “product is delivered”.

    Multi-vendor e-commerce4

    Admin Panel

    1. Manage customer accounts.
    2. Manage vendor accounts.
    3. Manage delivery agents accounts.
    4. Verify delivery agents accounts.
    5. Manage issues, complaints.
    6. Manage categories and sub-categories.
    7. Track payments, earnings.
    8. Reports and analytics.

    These are the common and basic features that can be incorporated. We have implemented many other features for our clients and we can incorporate as any features as you require based on your business requirements.

    Why you need to choose us?

    1. We can build scalable applications with powerful database architecture through which the process is easily managed.
    2. We offer support and maintenance services as well.
    3. We develop secure applications so that the customers can make payments in a secure manner.
    4. Our services are SEO friendly too.
    5. We assure in time delivery and 100% quality product.

    If you are looking for the best multi-vendor eCommerce app development company then you can contact us – Next Big Technology for further information.

    Trust us! We are here to serve you!

    Contact us for more information.

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