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    Basics of location-based marketing

    Basics of location-based marketing and learn how it works?


    With the increasing use of mobile devices, location has become the most important factor of marketing. Location-based marketing uses the current or past location of users on mobile devices to display relevant content to them. It includes location marketing, geo-targeting marketing, geolocation marketing, hyperlocal marketing, and proximity-based marketing.

    Why should businesses use location-based marketing?

    Location-based marketing is quite a valuable tool for large and small businesses. With this, consumers are spending more time daily on mobile devices, and make sense to grab them. Location-based advertising can target mobile device users. It is considered the best marketing strategy in India. Here are some of the biggest reasons why businesses should consider it as a strategy including the following:

    1.Generate More Business

    Take your business in front of customers when they are most interested in purchasing your product or service. Therefore, you can create Facebook advertisements for people within your specific zip code. It will increase the likelihood of reaching potential leads.

    2.Makes Segmentation Easier

    Segmentation is like grouping customers. It is based on interests, activities, and attributes. Location is one way to divide a group and create a message that is tailored to that area. Thus, it makes it more relevant to that consumer.

    3.Better Return

    Good marketing strategies are based on working smarter, not harder. Marketing helps you make a good ROI. Collecting, analyzing, and using location data can help you engage your promotions and improve the return on your advertising dollars.

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    Online Location-Based Marketing Tactics

    Some of the most popular marketing tactics for your business are as follows:

    1. Optimize for Local SEOLocation-based Marketing

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    Local SEO is basically the organic traffic generated from your Google My Business listing for consumers searching for businesses. It offers a specific good or service. It helps you increase your local SEO by creating location-specific content on your website, encourage reviews from your customers, and optimize your Google My Business listing.

    Adding location-specific keywords into your website content will help get your website found by people searching for your product or service in your area.


    1. Social Media Marketing Strategies

    Location-based Marketing

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    Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter enable easy use of location tags in posts. It can be used to inform people about the location. It helps your post gain organic impressions when users search for more photos based on location. Hashtags can tie your business to your local area and get discovered by people who live there and those visiting.


    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

    Location-based Marketing

    The PPC campaigns offer you location-specific data and various segmentation options. Location-based targeting allows you to filter the audience that has access to your PPC advertisements. This helps you target a particular group based on location and further avoid wasted clicks from people outside your targeted area.

    1. Incorporate Location into Your Marketing

    Incorporating location into the marketing is essential for your business. A good marketing strategy is based on getting messages in front of the right people at the right time. Pinpoint your target audience and get your brand noticed.

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