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    Angular Vs. Vue: Which Framework to Choose in 2023?

    Amit Shukla

    Based on the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey results, 54.0% of developers use Angular to build web applications, while 66.0% of developers use Vue.js.

    What do you think are the best web frameworks? Vue.js is becoming more popular than Angular because of this. Even so, the needed change was made soon after the launch, likely with modern concerns about the sustainability in mind.

    Even though more people have downloaded Vue than any other web framework, that doesn’t mean it’s the best or won’t change in the future. Depending on the details of the web development project, a different framework may be what makes the difference.


    Google is considering using the Angular open-source framework to make building these dynamic sites and apps more accessible. Since Angular is a part of the MEAN stack, many different text editors can work with it.

    Advantages of an Angular

    Some of the good things about the Angular framework are:

    In-Depth Linking Plugin

    With Angular, developers can use a flexible linking module that makes it easier to make single-page apps. This improves Ajax’s benefits and shows you how to use it in your software project.

    The server does the processing and displaying.

    The Angular framework gives the server more options for rendering, which speeds up the time it takes for the client to load a page. It makes a framework for JavaScript that is better for search engine optimization (SEO).

    The tools and filters

    Angular has many filters, tools, and features that help make the workflow more efficient and effective. This works with Node 10 and has a preview in Ivy, virtual scrolling, lazy loading, and other features.

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    Differences in Stressors

    The Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework is a valuable tool for decoupling. Angular uses the same pattern. This makes the quality better and speeds up the development cycles.

    Use the command-line interface to update the remit.

    Angular CLI is accessible for developers to set up and start using. It gives mobility experts better testing tools and makes entering orders easier. Many systems and programmers support it, so it is easy to keep everything up to date.


    Vue is another open-source framework that can fix problems with React and Angular. It is being used more and more to make single-page web apps.

    Vue’s Advantages

    Vue.js, a popular front-end JavaScript framework, can help you make apps that meet your needs in the following ways:

    Easy to Learn in One Step

    Vue CLI is one of the most-used JS frameworks in 2019. Compared to other Angular-based frameworks, the CLI is pretty easy to use.

    Depending on what you remember

    Using Vue.js to make apps has the added benefit of making them lighter (just 18kb when compressed). It might be the best choice for people who care about how easy it is to use features and how little memory they use.

    How quickly files can be downloaded

    One of the main reasons developers like Vue is that its apps are small. Because the app is small, you can quickly download and install it, which saves you time.

    Be able to read

    Since it’s written in JavaScript and has clean code, anyone can use the Vue framework to read and understand the code and move the app development process forward.

    Displaying on the client side

    Another benefit of Vue.js is that, if necessary, it can render on the server. This is because page operations on the client side are getting faster, which makes the user experience better.

    Which is used more often: Angular or Vue?

    The steepest part of the learning curve is the beginning.

    Before starting an Angular project, you must know how to use Model-View-Controller and TypeScript. This rule is broken, though, by Vue. Vue is a better alternative to Angular because it is more flexible and has already made templates.

    The developers at Facebook and Google used React and Angular frameworks to make Vue. So, developers can easily use mobile solutions based on Angular or React with the Vue.js framework.

    How well the application works

    Web application performance is critical; the only way to improve it is with the Document Object Model (DOM) (Document Object Model). Most importantly, this feature can affect how well the website works overall. Angular and Vue use parts of the virtual DOM, but Vue is the better.

    The changed elements are redone after the virtual DOM has been updated. Because of this, the program works better.


    Since Vue was made after Angular and other JavaScript frameworks, its API and architecture are easier to understand. But Angular’s environment for development is more challenging to work with than Vue’s.

    Having the ability to grow or shrink

    Regarding scalability, Angular is better than Vue because it has a fantastic modular development architecture. Vue, on the other hand, uses a syntax based on templates. This makes it harder for modules to share code.


    Vue is more flexible than Angular, and a broader range of development platforms supports it. This doesn’t change the way the app is built. In this case, Vue is more flexible than Angular.

    Groups of developers and universal access

    We know how Vue and Angular work on a basic level, and we can see that big company like Facebook and Google are behind their development and support.

    Binding data

    Vue is based on the idea of one-way data binding, which means that changes to the model state must be made before the UI components can be changed. On the other hand, the two-way data binding method used by Angular changes the model state whenever a UI component is changed, and vice versa.

    Two-way binding might seem like the easier choice, but when it comes to speeding up non-trivial applications and data flow, it’s not as good as Vue’s one-way binding.


    When choosing a framework for a web app, architecture is another important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. When making dynamic web apps and pages, Angular uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architectural patterns.

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    From the point of view of testing, Angular is better than Vue. It has an excellent framework for testing and many tools, like Karma and Jasmine, that can be used to look at the development code as a whole without using any other means.

    Plan on using typescript

    TypeScript, an improved version of JavaScript, works well with Angular. TypeScript must be used for all Angular development because it is part of the Angular ecosystem.

    Easy installation

    With options like dynamic import for lazy routes, an improved CLI workflow, and differential loading, the new version of Angular makes deployment easier.

    How big an app is and how long it takes to load

    Some of the features in newer versions of Angular, like tree-shaking and AOT compilation, make the app’s footprint much more minor. But compared to an app built with Vue, an app built with Angular is heavier.

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    Trends among teenagers

    The number of forks and stars on GitHub shows that Vue is getting more popular, but there aren’t enough active contributors and code contributions. Because of this, it is hard to tell if Angular or Vue is the more popular framework.

    Getting around

    Angular is a web app framework that makes making real-time apps like texting or instant chat easy. On the other hand, Vue makes online apps that are light and easy to use.


    When comparing Vue.js and Angular, the question of “which is better” is less important than “which is best for your business.”

    When Vue.js and Angular have been compared and contrasted, it has only shown how similar they are.

    If, on the other hand, scalability is more important to your company than performance, Angular is a great choice.

    On the other hand, Vue.js might be a better choice if you want to make a small, light, but fully functional project.

    After you decide, the next step is to find developers who can make your idea come to life.

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