Why should you choose Vue.js over Angular or React?

Why should you choose Vue-js over Angular or React

Today, web pages are primarily built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages. They are considered the three fundamental building blocks of the web. HTML particularly creates elements on web pages, like menus, texts, and boxes. While CSS is used to style, design, and place those elements on web pages. In addition, JavaScript facilitates the interaction and manipulation of these elements. Let’s have a look at some points

Deciding the best technology for web development is a fundamental pillar for every business. But it is critical to select among the leading technologies like AngularJS, ReactJS, and Vue.js. From start-ups to ISVs, nobody is sure about choosing the right technology for their project. All of them have created a lot of buzz in the market and enjoy excellent community support including Angular, React, or Vue.js.

Which Technology is Ruling in The Market?

React JS is ruling in the market compared to Angular JS and Vue JS, as per the Google trends. To understand the right fit for your business, you should learn even the minute details about these languages.

What is AngularJS?

What is AngularJS

AngularJS is an open-source framework. It can create interactive websites and is one of the popular plus efficient Java frameworks worldwide. This structural framework is specially designed to simplify the front-end development process of the website. AngularJS framework is widely popular due to its leverage of using HTML as a template language. HTML is the best declarative language for documents. In addition, this advanced framework allows the modification of different elements of a web page. Let’s have a look at some points Why should you choose Vue.js over Angular or React?

Business Benefits of AngularJS

Business Benefits of AngularJS

  1. Optimize Security

App security helps your company adopt new technology. They feel stressed while implementing new technologies, as a single security flaw in the app can put all the critical data at stake. For this, Angular.JS programming language uses web services or RESTful API as an HTTPS interface so that they can interact with servers to display data. This standard and existing security measures protect the web application against all types of malware or unauthorized access.

  1. Seamless Access Management

Everyone cannot control business data. Thus, the next big technology app development company uses Angular JS to limit access and its management with the implementation of single sign-on via supplemental libraries.

  1. Speed Up the Development

Responsive website development is a time-consuming process, but AngularJS can reduce the time frame and effort using two-way data binding. It will save your personal data onto the server with a few codes.

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  1. Efficient Testing

Once you complete the web development process, testing the website to know the errors and address them is a must for any business. Angular.JS offers an excellent dependency injection that tests every component in isolation.

  1. Easy Maintenance

After the website development, its maintenance takes a lot of time and effort. Angular.JS practices the MVC approach that allows developers to consider object-oriented design, which is easy to remember and makes web maintenance tasks a breeze.

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Business Drawbacks of AngularJS

1.Learning Process – Angular JS is quite difficult to learn due to different types of structures like Components, Injectables, Pipes, Modules, etc. But react and Vue.js have only a single “Component” in mind.

2.Time Taken – This programming language works very slow. Sometimes, it can be easily managed by utilizing the Change Detection Strategy. It helps control the rendering process of components manually.

What is ReactJS?

What is ReactJS

React JS has acquired a lot of support from the developer’s community. It is mainly used to develop user interfaces of mobile and web applications. It works on the MVC (Model View Controller’s) aspect. Most often, developers use this technology to develop single-page web applications and use other libraries to use others. In addition, it provides extra support to their web app.

Business Benefits of ReactJS

Business Benefits of ReactJS

  1. Higher Code Stability

React JS offers an excellent code facility, as data flows in a single direction only. While using the data binding techniques, developers should understand that the child structure changes would not affect parent structures.

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  1. Easy to Understand

JavaScript developers can quickly and easily coordinate with React JS for their web & app development projects. The basic knowledge of CSS and HTML can easily serve the purpose. Mobile app developers can enjoy various perks over their competitors.

  1. SEO Friendly

React JS allows the search engines to crawl the website or mobile app. It helps them increase the top search engine index’s ranking chances. By reacting on a server, it is presented as a regular web page and passes a virtual DOM request to the browser. Moreover, React JS enables search engines to easily crawl JavaScript-heavy applications.

  1. Reusability of Code Components

Facebook has added unique functionality to reuse the code components that make the development process easy. It can save the time of developer and relieves them from writing the same code repetitively. All the elements are completely different from each other, as they do not change due to each other.

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  1. Quick Rendering

The virtual DOM in React JS helps you remove the bottlenecks from code rendering and makes the process smoother. With minimal effort, the Virtual DOM applies changes virtually and further performs DOM changes. It will reduce the time required to complete the DOM changes and provides fast performance.

Drawbacks of React JS

  1. Development method – React JS lets the software developers choose the best way to develop. Strong project leadership and excellent means can solve this problem. Mixing templates with logic (JSX) can be confusing for some developers.
  2. Components – React JS stays away from class-based components that can be a barrier for developers, remains comfortable with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

What is VueJS?

Why should you choose Vue.js

Vue.js is known as the youngest member of the frontend technology group. From the last few years, it has gathered significant support in the developer’s community. Recently, it has launched its beta version for the user.

Business Benefits of VueJS

Business Benefits of VueJS

  1. Speed and Performance

Vue JS is a lightweight framework, that is, around 20kb. On the other hand, React and Angular weigh 143gzip and 43kb, respectively.  Thus, it takes lesser time to download and runs hassle-free.

  1. Flexible

Vue is developed to match various environments and even inside other frameworks like JavaScript, PHP, etc. It can be included in the existing project in many technologies and helps you make components with it. Vue tools help you start creating a website or even a native app.

  1. Improve Faster

Early product achievements mean getting faster and positive feedback from your customers. Thus, Vue is simple to use due to its easy setup and coding functions. In other words, Minimum Viable Product can become a lot faster than other frameworks.

  1. Simplicity

Vue.Js developers is simple and guides DNA developers with the basic knowledge of HTML, and JS can get started with it to develop a website. The actual advantage of simple code means that things can be done much faster. This leads to better maintenance of code that reduces bugs and further saves developer’s time in fixing bugs.

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Business Drawbacks of VueJS

1.Lack of resources – Vue.JS has a smaller market share which helps the framework to begin its phase today.

2.Flexibility Risk – Sometimes, Vue.js can create complex issues while integrating into large projects.


There is no substantial difference in any framework. Developers of top app development companies in India can get comfortable in any of these technologies, but these frameworks might create differences for businesses. It is completely based on what they actually want. For instance, React JS is the right technology to develop an SEO-friendly website, Angular JS is trustworthy in optimizing the web site’s security and helps you complete the web development company process in less time, Vue JS works well in developing lightweight web applications.

Thus, all these frameworks including AngularJS, ReactJS, and VueJS are best at their bests. To choose the right fit for your website, you should first analyze the business requirements in making the right decision. At NBT, we grow expertise in mostly React and Angular, but Vue.js is also on board. Every framework has its own benefits and drawbacks. In other words, there should be just the right choice for every single case during product development.

From a different perspective, Angular JS has been evolving rapidly with constant updates and releasing additional functionalities to speed up the development. It offers an effortless development environment and a smooth user experience. Recently, it has emerged as an essential front-end framework that helps you build user interfaces and independently handling the frontend. Angular provides a splendid development experience by putting the Ivy compiler into its full-fledged form.

Vue is a technical framework that helps you build user interfaces and solve complex problems. It has an excellent backbone and a robust ecosystem with pretty good syntax. Developers of Next Big Technology Company have adopted this framework, as it brings regular updates like Angular in its upcoming versions.

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