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    All you need to know about On-Demand e-book Mobile App Development

    All you need to know about On-Demand e-book Mobile App Development

    Amit Shukla

    Gone are those days where people used to carry books everywhere to read. These digital days are witnessing a lot of changes in terms of reading habits too of people. People nowadays tend to read through an e-book app that they install on their smartphones.

    We all tend to carry phones where ever we go. Therefore, it is easy to read e-books too by opening the app. These apps can be downloaded from the respective play stores, be it iOS or Android, and apps installed on the phones.

    These apps exhibit various benefits. People don’t have to carry books and these apps are easy to access and read according to one’s own wish and convenience.

    If you want to get an e-book developed then you can contact an e-book mobile app development agency to get your requirements fulfilled.

    What exactly is an e-book app?

    e-book app development

    E-books are downloaded from play stores and then installed on phones. You can read your favorite e-books by just downloading and installing them. Moreover, there are many free e-book apps that you can simply download and install. Some e-book apps can be used if you pay money.

    Amazon kindle is one such example where you can download and install the On Demand app and read the stories of your liking.

    Why do you think the e-book app is an awesome idea?

    E-book apps are easy to access and handle. You can bookmark and add to your favorites and there are lot more features that you can make use of. The changes that you make in your app instantly syncs with all of your devices and you can continue to read from your left.

    There is an umpteen number of e-books and it is a good idea to make use of them. Voracious readers are showing interest in using these apps as these apps are environment-friendly too!

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    How do you access an e-book?

    These apps can be accessed and downloaded only in the presence of the internet. Once the e-book app is downloaded and installed, it doesn’t require any internet. You can read the books in the absence of wi-fi too. Syncing of changes happens again when you have internet.

    Meanwhile, if you are using a browser-based online e-book application you can access and read the e-book in the presence of the internet and the book cannot be downloaded. Therefore, all your changes are marked online.

    Basic features of on-demand e-book mobile app:


    Sign up or registration is the foremost step to install any app. Hence, the same rule applies here too. Registration enables the users to sync all kinds of devices through their single account if the users have bookmarked pages and so on.


    Another prominent feature is to add is a translation of language as users might prefer reading their e-books in their preferred languages.


    It makes sense to support various platforms by which users can read from any device. The platform might be iOS, Android, tablets, and desktops too.


    This feature can even monitor time so that the user can know his/her reading capabilities.

    -Light adjustment:

    I suppose the user wants to read during nighttime, one can adjust the light accordingly to lessen the eye strain.


    It is one of the significant features where the user must feel comfortable in viewing and reading the e-book. Users must be allowed to choose the font color and also adjust the size in order to promote a reader-friendly interface.


    Tools such as bookmarks, dictionaries, notes, google and Wikipedia links, adding to favorites, creating libraries, etc. Motivate the readers and the readers use these tools at specific places when they need them.

    -Gamified experience:

    The features such as stickers, badges, etc. can mostly be used as rewards for a certain set of users who read the e-book at a short time just to engage the users and make the e-book more interesting.


    This feature can aid users who don’t have adequate time. They can listen to the audio when they feel to do so.



    Page flipping element must be added so that it eases the users to move to the next page without any chaos.


    This element facilitates the user to send the articles and interesting content through e-mails.


    This element can aid the user to read the text aloud.


    This attribute can aid the user to classify the articles according to the distinct categories so that the user can easily pick up what he wants to read.

    -Social integration:

    This feature enables the user to register through social media logins and moreover, the e-book can also be shared so that many of the readers can know.


    This feature as already discussed in the beginning enables the user to read the article when the e-book is downloaded in the presence of the internet. In the absence, of the internet, one can read but cannot utilize the reading tools.

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    There is also a reader’s community where one can find many e-readers and hence the user can participate in any discussion or know more about e-books.

    These are the most common features which anyone can find on the e-book app. Mobile app developers are coming up with some more innovative attributes so that the readers can make use of them completely.

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    Cost of an On-Demand e-book app:

    Cost depends on designing, development, integration, testing, deployment, marketing, and other costs as well.

    Simple e-books might cost you around 500$ and if you want to add in more customized features, the price might go up to 3000$ and beyond.


    E-books are awesome. E-books can be of great help to anyone. Going digital is the best way in today’s arena. E-books can benefit students, especially in a large way.

    To motivate any reader, one must make sure to append interesting features to the app.

    If you run a business or an educational institution and if you plan to design an e-book and if you are looking for the best e-book mobile app development company, you can get in touch with Next Big Technology as at NBT, we customize your requirements exactly as you need and deliver high quality works.

    All the best!

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