Yoga Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Yoga Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Yoga has existed centuries back and there are immense benefits which any one can gain by doing Yoga. Yoga not only assists in boosting the mental health of a person but also aids in providing sound health and sharp memory. The interference of technology has brought us a convenient form of doing yoga through app. There are many mobile applications that can be downloaded and installed from play stores and used.

The interest shown by people towards Yoga is incredibly going high as everyone want to have good health. According to many surveys conducted the survey has revealed that there are millions of active users who are using the app and therefore these apps can fetch good income for the app owners and it’s a good decision if you have planned to invest in Yoga mobile app development.

Yoga Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

If you would like to build a Yoga mobile app then you must know certain factors. Let us discuss them in detail.

  1. There are many kinds of Yoga applications and you must know which kind of application you are planning to build.
  2. You must try to find out the interests of the people by conducting surveys in the particular location so that you would get a clue on what kind of Yoga, people are interested in.
  3. Moreover, you must also make sure that the app would benefit particular age group of people. Such as the kind of Yoga which consist of more movements would help the younger generation to stay fit and healthily. Likewise, Yoga which possess less movements and normal breathing exercises can help in improving the health of older people and so on.

Let us learn the different kinds of Yoga:

-Vinyasa Yoga.

-Ashtanga Yoga.

-Iyengar Yoga.

-Bikram Yoga.

-Jivamukti Yoga.

-Power Yoga.

-Sivananda Yoga.

-Yin Yoga.

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So, there are many types of Yoga and it is up to you to choose the appropriate type and proceed further to build the mobile application post thorough research, survey and analysis.

There are many sought after Yoga mobile apps which have become a huge hit.

  1. Daily Yoga.
  2. Yoga Studio.
  3. Down Dog and many more.

These mobile applications have been mostly built on Android and iOS platforms. They have interactive videos and instructions incorporated so that the users can perform Yoga accordingly. Also, there is another interesting feature which can be availed by making payment. That is the user can interconnect with the Yoga experts and can carry out the Yoga exercises as shown and guided by the professionals. They can clarify their doubts too.

A successful Yoga mobile application would possess:

  1. Secure mobile application which consist of interactive elements such as videos, in – app chat/message/call, instructions, etc.
  2. A genuine app with relatively optimum speed, smooth navigation along with appreciable performance.
  3. Offline mode is another option which the users can utilize to carry out their exercises.

All these attributes would accommodate for building a good Yoga mobile app.

Basic elements of a Yoga mobile app:


  1. Registration:

This is a crucial step to access the app. The users can feed their details and can register so that they can access the application.

  1. Category:

There would be many Yoga types and the user can choose according to his/her preferences. Moreover, the person can look at the reviews and refer to the professionals to know his/her expertise and can pick up the specific type to carry on with the Yoga postures.

  1. Search Sessions:

The user can check for the upcoming or the latest information regarding the Yoga sessions and so on.

  1. Attend events:

The user can attend to any upcoming Yoga events by making payments.

  1. E-store:

These e-stores are another option to earn commission for the app owners because the users can purchase any Yoga mats or any product related to Yoga and so on.

  1. Articles:

The users can go through articles written related to Yoga to gain good knowledge and information.

  1. Notifications:

Through these pop – ups the users can get notifications related to Yoga sessions, events, reminders, etc.

  1. Settings:

The concerned individual can edit and save and therefore personalize the account accordingly.

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Educator – interface:

Educator interface:

  1. Sign up:

The educator or the instructor can give the details and open the account.

  1. Publish sessions:

The educators can publish the relevant information regarding the upcoming Yoga classes so that the users can book for the event accordingly.

  1. Coupons:

The educators can reveal the coupon id or provide offers for the selected users who are practicing Yoga under the specific instructors for a long time.

  1. Payments:

The teachers can manage the payments received via their students.

  1. Replacement:

Replacement is another great attribute which can assist the user in case of absence of the educator. Through this feature the user can be notified and the concerned educator can contact any other Yoga professional who is using the same app for replacement.

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Admin – Interface:

Mostly all managerial activities are carried out by Admin. The admin can manage and look at the user and the educator account. The admin has the potential to block/suspend or remove the accounts if there is any violation of rules, etc. The admin can look into the problems or complaints received from the users and educators.

The admin publishes if there is any upcoming Yoga session or program so that the interested persons can attend. The admin can also look at the revenue profile so as to get an idea regarding the profits earned from the app.

There are many other advanced elements which the users could benefit such as Voice search, video call, on-boarding to get to know the instructions, BMI calculator, soothing Yoga music, CMS and CRM incorporation and much more.

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As discussed, hope this article would provide a brief understanding related to Yoga mobile app development.

The cost to build a reliable Yoga mobile app along with the prominent features would be around 15,000$ – 40,000$ and can go beyond based on the complexity level and features that needs to be appended.

The per hour rate of the mobile app developer in India stands at 10$ – 80$.

In case you are looking to build Yoga mobile app, you can contact Next Big Technology for further information.

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