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    Why Using SVG Images in Your Web-Design (Simple Guide)

    Why Using SVG Images in Your Web-Design (Simple Guide)

    Amit Shukla

    The Scalable Vector Graphics or (SVG) is referred to as a simple XML-based vector image type for only two-dimensional graphics. And, this image type only can support interactivity and animation. Web developers often recommend SVG files instead of JPG as they are scalable to any size without becoming distorted. They typically use online JPG to SVG converter to quickly turn JPG images into SVG vector files.

    No matter whether you are a marketer, small business owner, or designer, you should beware of what are the real benefits of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), read on!

    Retina and mobile-ready:

    Well, it doesn’t matter at all how big or small your SVG files are or the pixel density of your screen, remember that your graphics will always be sharp and the pixel is perfect. The single size of SVG vector-based image fits all is something that many marketers are struggling with. The need arises to convert JPG to SVG with the assistance of a free JPG to SVG converter since SVG files are ideal for high-quality images and even can be scaled to Any Size. However, SVG files are not that much about the size, but even about the format of the content.

    SVGs assist to reduce the final size of the HTML5 package:

    One of the daunting tasks most advertisers and designers have is the size of their graphics after they designed them & saved them. This is why experts recommend you to start using SVG files in your design, even if you already have saved JPGs, then use an online JPG to SVG converter and transform your JPG images into SVG vector files without losing the quality.

    Remember that using SVG images instead of JPG or PNG images will assist you to reduce the file size by up to 200% while keeping the maximum quality on any display or even any dimension for your banner.

    Upload Icons, Illustrations, Clipart, or Artworks:

    Well, if you ever need an icon, you want to upload your logo, add new clipart, just use an illustration, or simply print your artwork. SVG is indicated as the new go-to format for your uploading needs. It is just because as long as you resize SVG files, they won’t change their quality. Nowadays, people replace JPG regular image files with SVG’s on their website, if you’re also among one of them, then give a try to online JPG to SVG converter for raster image to SVG vector image conversions.

    SVG vector images can assist you to get the most out of your graphics. Being infinitely scalable clearly indicates that your SVG images won’t get pixelated. It is depicted that SVG maintains its aspect ratio and even the graphics remain sharp and clear.

    Recolor and redesign your graphics:

    Let’s assume that you people have a simple logo with only single color (white) and you aim to create a banner ad on which you require to upload your logo. But, since the banner ad is entirely designed with white colors, you have to change the logo color. So, if you consider an SVG vector-based file, it will be ideal and much easier for you to change colors by using any app. However, if you people are using a large number of icons that are multicolored and even have animations, then SVG vector images should be the right choice. Even now converting JPG to SVG files becomes handy by using JPG to SVG converter by the online converter for free.

    Uploading your logo as SVG:

    You should have to use an SVG vector-based image file for your logo as they keep your logo sharp and clear on any size. And, if your uploaded logo is in JPGs, then convert it into PNG by using JPG to SVG converter online. It is said that using compatible SVG files will assist you to extract colors from your logo and even change them if you need to or make just single-color versions of your company logo.

    SVG = WEB & HTML5 Standard format:

    No doubt that Scalable Vector Graphics are everywhere nowadays and even they’re the industry’s standard in web design and online applications. You know why, because SVG comes in small size, provides maximum quality, vector editing capabilities, and the patent fact is that it’s infinitely resizable.

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