Why choose NodeJS over PHP in 2022

Why choose NodeJS over PHP in 2021

We are very much familiar with the terms Node.js and PHP! Is it not? These terms are not new to the web world. In recent days, Node.js has captured everyone’s attention as it has gained much popularity due to its extensive usage in the current digitalized world.

Let us look at what Node.js and PHP mean in short. If you are a non-technical person, then you must go through this blog as you will know what is Node.js and PHP and moreover if you are having any plans to build a website using any of these two development platforms then this post would prove beneficial for you. You can simply hire a NodeJS developer to get your web application customized as per your requirements.

What does Node.js mean?

Node.js is an open-source, server-side platform that was developed by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009. It was constructed on Google chromes JavaScript engine. It is used to build various kinds of web applications, mobile, business, API engines, and many more.

What does PHP mean?

PHP was founded in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf and captured everyone’s attention as it was a server-side platform built to replenish HTML pages using syntax such as Pearl and stood as the most used desktop application development platform.

Let us discuss the distinct qualities of Node.js and PHP:


  • Swift server-side result. Using node.js much non-blocking input/output server-side applications are built which can expand the utility of an individual CPU and system memory when many concurrent requests are being serviced.
  • js is asynchronous in nature – executes complete code at once.
  • js has an extension as .js. It basically operates using JavaScript.
  • Since Node.js functions using only JavaScript on the client as well as server-side, it has proved highly advantageous as there is no need to switch between different languages.
  • js comes up with NPM – Node Package Manager. Its registry is accessible to publish without any hindrances. Its installation process is simplified.
  • Frameworks such as express, full-stack MVC – Meteor, and Derby are trendy. Many new frameworks are released often benefitting a large number of developers such as koa.js, hapi.js, total.js, sails.js, etc.
  • js performs superbly with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, CouchDB, etc. All the relevant package for the databases is accessible on the NPM registry.
  • As node.js was built for network applications, it dispatches fundamental modules such as DNS, HTTP, file system, etc. which aids in developing and delivering customized web servers.
  • Used broadly in building chat applications, video applications, and many more. Node.js is optimal for building remarkably scalable solutions due to its unblocking structure. hire NodeJS developer


  • PHP is also an open-source server-side web development platform. It does contain JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and also plans text.
  • PHP functions synchronously – a line of code first executes and then passes on to the next line of code. But certain APIs operate asynchronously. The main complication when using PHP occurs when the code is executing synchronously. Because the server has to wait and respond only after the first line of code has been executed successfully.
  • PHP scripts has the extension as .php
  • When the script is run using PHP, one has to frequently switch amidst the disparate language and the syntax.
  • PHP uses PEAR technology for the installation and also Composer which is a relatively advanced technology.
  • PEAR stands for PHP extension and application repository. It holds various kinds of PHP snippets and libraries.
  • A composer is a tool that aids users to acknowledge libraries on which project will depend.
  • There are many servers that aid in the development of the web without much difficulty as Laravel, Codelgniter, Cakephp, and many more.
  • PHP operates in association with databases such as MYSQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL,
  • Previous versions of PHP had to utilize LAMP and ZAMPP servers which were needed to be set up. The latest versions remove all those hindrances, that is after v5.4 comes up with an already built-in development server.
  • PHP web applications are being used vastly in many meteorological and scientific applications. WordPress and Drupal also utilize PHP which indirectly allows users to build blogs, websites, e-commerce sites, and many more.

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As discussed, the major features between Node.js and PHP have been enlisted above.

Today’s trend is dominating us to pick Node.js for web development. Why is it so? Let us dive deep together.

  • Many big business organizations such as Netflix, Yahoo, Walmart, etc. use Node.js for building their applications. Many gaming apps, chats are superbly constructed using Node.js.
  • It boosts ROI – Return on investment.
  • js depends on Google’s version 8 engine where the JavaScript is relatively transformed into native code. Seamless performance on all devices is assured.
  • Most web development companies around the world are relying on node.js because of its flexibility and ease of usage. Unwanted phases are cut through during the developmental process due to which the web application is easily developed benefitting the customer(customer retention) to a large extent.
  • The streaming capability is awesome. The uploads are done in a simultaneous manner.
  • JavaScript is written on the server and the client portion as well. This proves to be highly beneficial because a change in the code at the back end will abruptly change the front end as well. Application is constructed utilizing a single code base.
  • js functions as a proxy server for the cloud server where this concept is especially useful in building small-scale applications.


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Node.js is undoubtedly a boon for the web developers as their development’s complexities are resolved and most of the successful companies on a global level are using and will use node.js in the future too for developing their web applications. Node.js is a big shot in the current web trend and most developers prefer to use node.js for building web applications.

Node.js helps in constructing dynamic single-page applications and it is also data accelerated. Most of the real-time apps which run cross-wise linked to all the distributed devices function without any hurdles. For example – many streaming apps – Netflix, Messengers, PayPal, etc.

All these qualities force one to choose NodeJS over PHP.

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