What is the basic price and different features that you get with Rapido Clone Application Development?

basic price and different features that you get with Rapido Clone Application Development

As the human population is continuing to rise slowly, travelling even a few kilometers away has become something of a tiresome trip. An incredible way to prevent this new issue is to use the latest modern alternative, the bike taxi app.

By simply asking for a ride via the app, commuters will climb on two wheels mostly as a pillion passenger and dropping off at their own destination. Offering such an alternative to people is definitely rewarding because of the benefits that bike taxis have over traditional four-wheel taxi services.

Widely popular somewhere in the countries of South East Asia, bike taxis have been gaining impressive momentum now in these heavily populated areas. We allow entrepreneurs to realize their market objectives with the state-of-the-art motorcycle taxi software creation solution-Rapido clone. We at NBT solutions allow our customers to probably launch the world-class, feature-rich biking taxi applications mostly on the market in the best shortest time possible.

As an application development business that is extremely efficient and sensitive, we plan to continue delivering our best services for our customers at each and every step of that way. If you want the software to be actually available on the smart phones, laptops, desktops, Android or even IOS, the rapido clone solution will indeed give you an application that runs flawlessly on most of them.

Get a creative and clever option for an on the demand bike taxi application. Get programmed with a ready-made bicycle taxi booking scripting in Laravel PHP codes. Empower your own vehicle sharing company activities with the ready-to-use bike taxi dispatch app. With a seasoned in-house production team with now over a decade of field experience and otherwise skills, we use high-quality, feature-rich and the flexible scripts for a range of transport applications like bike taxi applications, trucking apps, and even car rental apps, and further on. The on demand bike taxi software suits all forms of companies on a timely basis, regardless of scale. You can configure the apps to the fullest degree as required by your company. Often, our apps only need a minimum of instruction. We charge Cost 5000USD to 20,000 USD at NBT solutions for one time and the Hourly Rate is 15USD to 20 USD.



Give your riding requests by arranging your bookings before the dates of your trip according to your wishes and otherwise convenience.


Automate this whole process of repairing local service providers once again to the motor biking rides until a booking now has been registered.


Take advice on how to take a journey by sharing all your questions without delay.


Get compensated with acclaimed profits or deals for making referrals to the platform.


Using coupon vouchers or bonus vouchers to redeem exclusive on-going vouchers throughout the app.


Analyze and otherwise reshape the features of your own business model.


Interpret and apply the market details in the form of a visual representation to redesign your company operations.

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