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    The Fascinating Science of Types of E-Learning App Development Services

    Amit Shukla

    The online education market is rapidly growing, and e-learning app development is one of the most promising opportunities in the current era. E-learning app development was even used before the pandemic situation, after the pandemic situation, it is much more important to embrace by every institution. According to studies, online education may increase up to 350 billion dollars by the year 2025.

    Apart from streaming videos, TV shows, and movies using Disney Plus or Netflix, schools have started remote learning mode in various parts of the country around the globe. Even though the majority of the schools are closed in most of the countries, this gives an enormous opportunity for e-learning app and courses. Any entrepreneur is having a great idea about e-learning app development services then it is a great time to dive into the e-Learning marketplace.

    E-learning app development companies should be done with the proper understanding and guidance rather than implementing every feature into a single app. There are various insights to be kept in mind on the e-learning app development which include features and price before we get forward with the project.

    Different Types of e-Learning App Development Services

    The primary reason for the usage of the e-Learning platform is to substitute traditional classroom environment as much as possible. In the current situation, it is considered as one of the best alternatives and one of the important parts of the learning process. If you are looking for the best learning app development company then you should choose e-learning app development companies who are having proper understanding and skill for the development. We have listed various types of e-Learning platforms which can be implemented into the application according to the preference.

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    • Student Management Systems (SMS)

    This is one of the basic software which is used for managing alumni, students, do not data, and employees. Easily manage the communication process, curriculum activities, and schedules according to the preference of the teacher. These apps are mostly known as student information systems (SIS). It will offer quick access to the payment processing, student information and enhance communication with all the facilities of the school. Multiple users can access this application with different functionalities which we have mentioned below.

    1. Students

    They can easily check the schedule of the classes, contact the teachers directly, and even track their own performance.

    Different Types of e-Learning App Development Services

    1. School staff

    They will be able to access the administration data, manage students, admission, billing, and various other processes.

    1. Parents

    Get the complete data on the attendance, performance of the kid along with the behavior report.

    • Assessment Software

    This is the type of educational app that can increase the assessment process for both students and teachers. Teachers will be able to create exams and even check the result seamlessly without much trouble. Similarly, students’ online assessment process directly to the app. The assessment app is divided into two categories lesson creation and point solution.

    Listen creation will allow creating the interactive lessons by assessing with the built-in materials. Point solution will create collector results, run the report, create an assessment and even handle administration tasks. Important to note that this app will be having proper integration support with the student management system. Multiple users can access this application with different functionalities which we have mentioned below.

    1. Students

    Students can directly interact with the app and get to see all the questions from the test and even choose and write the answer accordingly.

    1. Teachers

    The teacher will get the ability to create, distribute and grade the exams according to the performance of the student. They can also address all the problems on the students which can be reported directly through the system.

    1. Administrators

    They will be able to compare the result, check the performance, and even set the standards of data including the institution policy.

    • Virtual Classroom Software

    Virtual classroom software by basic element for providing an in-person learning environment to the students. This is the best way to improve the distance learning process and make the students get more entries into the education system. Location is not an issue with the virtual Classroom Software, which will ensure to provide the complete educational package. Multiple users can access this application with different functionalities which we have mentioned below.

    1. Students

    They can easily join online classes by downloading the appropriate e-learning app into their device or they can also use the web browser.

    Virtual Classroom Software

    1. Teachers

    Teachers will be able to get connected with the students who were absent in a physical manner and they can be easily delivered the lesson with the convenience of the home.

    1. Administrators

    We can use the video conferencing option to clear out all the doubts among the staff of the institution.

    1. College and University Lecturers

    It is a great opportunity for them to improve the online instruction delivery intake and quickly get interested with every student in a single bound.

    1. Online Tutors

    Easily get an interactive lesson, live sessions, and assessment from the online tutors.

    1. Employee Trainers

    Easily run learning Sessions for the employees into the different locations by training them properly according to the company norms.

    • Video Conferencing Software

    Video conferencing software especially focuses on providing basic functionality for the business rather than the e-learning process. All the virtual classroom apps are having live video streaming facilities which is not similar to the video-conferencing platforms. This is much similar functionality that is available in the e-learning app.

    • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

    This platform is the marketplace for online courses. It will offer every kind of online course and is available for anyone to enroll to get the proper education. The course will be included with reading materials, video lessons, discussion forums, and assessments. Multiple users can access this application with different functionalities which we have mentioned below.

    1. Students

    Get the complete curriculum activities and sign up for any online courses according to the preference of the students.

    1. Team Leaders and Managers

    Managers and team leaders will be able to improve their skills and even address their knowledge gap through the online courses provided by MOOC.

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    • Learning Management System (LMS)

    Learning management system is one of the best ways of the usage academic for the cyber-school. Every student will be able to access any learning material from any location according to their convenience. This is one of the major kinds of e-learning app which will allow the users to collect reports, monitor the entire performance, enhance the student-teacher communication, and run assessments. Multiple users can access this application with different functionalities which we have mentioned below.

    1. Students

    Students will have the access to take online classes and events submit the assessments directly through the e-learning app. They can even access materials and track their progress according to convenience.

    1. School Administrators

    They will be able to track the attendance and progress of every student which will ensure them to provide the best possible educational service.

    1. Teachers

    They will be able to lead any e-Learning sessions, monitor the performance, upload learning materials, create an assessment, and various other functionalities.

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    • Online Tutoring Platform

    This is one of the best platforms for finding the right kind of tutor for any educational purpose.  Students will be able to find appropriate tutors and set automatic building and an appropriate schedule for their requirements of education. To be the tutor in this platform every tutor needs to have proper registration and requirements to be fulfilled. They need to have a license in teaching including a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. Even a few of the platforms will ask for disclosure and bar service checks before they can start the service on the platform. Multiple users can access this application with different functionalities which we have mentioned below.

    1. Students

    They can join any tutor sessions, ask questions, make notes, leave comments and even rate the teachers according to the service they are providing the educational ground.

    1. Parents

    They can track the performance of their child, communicate with the tutor, make payments and event set schedules for the education.

    1. Tutors

    They will be easily get connected with the parents and students, even organizing their sessions, schedule, and materials.

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