Time and Cost to Develop Tour and Travel App Like Airbnb


The concept of vacation is to have a stress-free getaway from daily lives. It helps in regenerating our energy after a long and hard life. Much like any other services tools and travels apps will also help in planning the perfect vacation. Back in the year 2007 one of the largest global platforms of tours and travels app Airbnb got introduced.

It is one of the reliable travel apps helping people to get their perfect getaway. It doesn’t matter if you are corporate traveling for work, travel enthusiasts you will get to experience the global phenomenon. Revolutionary apps like Airbnb just do not pop out of anywhere. It is the best combination of multiple factors which includes global presence, strong messaging appeal along the correct emotion at the right place in time.

According to the reports currently, Airbnb is having 45.6 million userbases. If we consider all the factors, we have to say that Airbnb is one of the major apps. If you are thinking about developing a similar app it is important to discuss the cost and time required. You also need 2 consider all the core features which are needed to add to the Airbnb app.


Important Features Needed in App Like Airbnb:

The Airbnb app functionalities are divided into three panels. These are the important factors that help in determining the cost required for the development.

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Host or Owner Panel:

• Host login:

The host will be having the option to log into the app using an email ID, phone number, or social media credentials.

• Listing:

In this section of the functionality owner along with the host will have the ability to share information. The information will be related to the property along with the location and address, detailed description of the accommodation, property type (guest suites, studio apartment, hostels, villa, etc.), number of people it can accommodate, and price per night. It will also enable the host to upload videos and photos of the property. This is the best opportunity and the perfect page to help the customers attract in staying.

• Push Notifications:

Once a guest requests to stay at the property that particular owner will receive notification along with the details of the guest. The information will be regarding the date of the reservation along with various requirements. After it is being approved by the host guests will have the ability to make payment. Similarly, the host will receive a transaction message.

• Reviews:

The profile of the host will need to have the option for reviews and ratings gathered from various satisfied guests. It will enable other guests to ensure the service they are going to get.

Time and Cost features to Develop Tour and Travel App Like Airbnb

Guest Panel:

• Sign Up and Log In:

Every guest needs to register themselves into the app using an email address, phone number, or using social media credentials.

• Search In Favorites:

The advanced search filter will enable the guest to search for preferable property. They can use all the essential filters including date, areas, price, etc. Guest can pre-plan their vacation by bookmarking any property they like for revisiting them later on. This functionality will help them to plan their next trip according to the convenience of the stay.

• Real-Time Charts:

Get real-time chats with hosts and guests to have clarified communication on a one-on-one basis. This functionality will eliminate them to discuss all the important details related to suggestions to visit the nearby place, experience, etc. It will also enable the host to share property pictures with the guests.

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• Booking Window:

Booking features are one of the most essential functions of the app. It will enable the guest to book any accommodation according to their preference of the travel date. It will also allow the guest to make payment for booking the accommodation instantly.

• Payment Getaways:

Secure payment gateways are much important to ensure hassle-free and non-complicated transactions. This will enable the guest to easily make their bookings seamlessly.

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Admin Panel:

• Admin Dashboard:

This panel will enable the System Administrator to monitor and manage all the expenses. It would also enable the admin to get all the old views on third-party companies running their ads on the app. Admin can easily control all the outsourcing companies and their operation. This dashboard is the master key for the app which will enable the smooth running of the business.

Cost to Develop Tour and Travel App Like Airbnb:

Multiple factors influence the cost of the development of tourism and travel apps. Multiple features need to be implemented into the app. We need to understand that the addition of every feature will increase the technical complexity and it will take more time for the development. Similarly, the features will have a huge impact on the cost of the development.

Another factor we also need to consider is the number of platforms we are going to deploy the app. It is recommended to go for all the major platforms including Android and iOS development services. All the above-mentioned factors need to be decided beforehand. It is also depending on multiple factors including market research, target audience, and latest trends.

The next step we need to understand is the design requirement which will also have an impact on the cost of the development. It is important to go for creative and unique custom and visual designs. Rather than going for any standard layout, it is most important to go for custom design, although it will raise the price of the development.

For proper calculation of the final cost for development, the total hours of development are going to be estimated. Different app development companies charge development charges differently. It is recommended to discuss these parameters before understanding the estimation cost. Before going for any app development companies it is important to understand their experience and skill regarding the project.

The entire project strategy needs to include the implementation of the API and various other services and libraries. Approximately it will take around 60 hours or more depending on the project complexity. Every country of the development team is having a different developing rate according to the working hours. Canada and USA are having the rate of $50 to $250 per hour.

Similarly, Eastern Europe is having $20 to $150 per hour and Western Europe is $30 to $170 per hour. Australia will keep the rate of $50 to $150 per hour and the cheapest one in India with $10 to $80 per hour.

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