The Ultimate Guide to Create a Design Concept

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Design Concept

Since an idea is just something that comes from our minds, we can choose to ignore it. However, remember that good UI/UX designs start with a strong design idea. Even if the design is good from a technical point of view, it might not work if its concept is weak.

So, we’ll go over the basics of the design concept, including what it is, why it’s essential, and how to use it in your projects.

What does it mean to say something is a “design concept”?

A conceptual design is a drawing, sketch, or written explanation of the main idea or concept behind the creation of a product. This is helpful for designers and developers because it makes it easier for them to keep their different creative processes working together. Every design concept’s primary goal is to ensure that your product is helpful to the people you want to buy it.

A technically bright design concept is used to make the product work as it should. It is the central part of the process of making a product. When coming up with a design idea, it’s essential to know your target audience, the nature of the problems you’ll be solving, your client’s needs, and your ideal style—meeting production deadlines and making sure a product does well depend on having a good design concept.

Why it is essential to have a design idea

Design ideas are fundamental because they give a thought a visual form. Here are some of the most important reasons why you need a design concept:

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1. Building the core ideas of logic

A lot of the time, intuition and feelings drive the creative process. But there needs to be a plan. Whether you’re making a company logo or a piece of software, the goal of your design should be to do something useful, like describe your brand or send information. But beauty is also essential.

2. Putting together a design language

Since a notion is just a thought, UI/UX designers must bridge the gap between what users think and what they see. The way that visual elements are used to convey or create meaning is called “design language.”

The design won’t be finished in terms of how it looks until after the concept stage. Still, this will set the stage for many ample design options.

3. How to Get Creative

The ways of making designs are as old as any other art. Designers work daily to push the limits and come up with something new. It would help if you had a creative mind and an original idea to make something new and exciting quickly.

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How to get started on making a conceptual design

Now that you know a design concept and why it’s essential, we can discuss how to make one. We have created a plan for how to come up with an idea for a design. Let’s check it out!

1. Focus on the task at hand.

Before you can start something successfully, you need to know the basics. To do this, you need to learn a lot about the project and ask the project manager many questions. Then, get as much information as possible about the idea and put it together.

You can use quick sketches to help you determine the main tasks and interactions your users will do. It will also make it easier to quickly visualise ideas, talk to clients, and create a more accurate wireframe.

Regarding the user interface, it would be best if customers showed which visual design options and services they liked best. You should listen to customers’ wants and give them many opportunities.

2. Look at the other teams.

It’s essential to look at the user interfaces of similar apps to see what works and what doesn’t. Find out if they’re making progress or missing any important features. Then, make sure you do your user test to compare your app to your competitors and make notes on what works well.

3. Tell someone what your idea is.

Since ideas are what concepts are, it makes sense to draw them. During this part of the process, you will brainstorm, and you may talk out loud about your ideas. Some word-based techniques, like mind mapping, let you start with a phrase or word to develop a brand name or any other kind of design you need.

Also, keep writing down any related words that come to mind. Set a timer to help you think and come up with ideas quickly. To put your thoughts into words, you have to craft them.

Last but not least, verbal creativity will help you put your ideas together in a way that makes sense and shows what you mean. For example, when making a user interface, it helps to keep your design concept in mind.

4. Look at clever patterns to get ideas.

Read reputable design blogs to get ideas and think about new trends in user interface and user experience design. Keep a steady presence in different design fields. Find out what makes the most popular design patterns work so well. Is it because of the strategy, colour, layout, mix, or typeface?

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5. Write down what you want to say.

Once you know the app’s goals and what it needs to do, the next step is to sketch out your ideas. Start by drawing a rough sketch of your design. The quickest way to get your ideas down on paper is to remove them inelegantly.

Think about different ways to do things. After making some rough sketches, decide on the best plan of action. Now, the draught needs to be filled out. Talk about it with your team to see what they think. If you do this, you’ll be able to make changes quickly and move forward with a better design.

6. Create a Conceptual Design

Once you have a prototype of your idea that works, you’ll need to improve the user interface. The first step is to come up with a good design idea. People tend to associate brands with specific colours, so be careful which ones you choose. Also, if you want to sell your product, it must look different from your competitors.

After deciding on a colour scheme, it’s time to pick the right fonts. First, choose a font with big, clear letters to make it easy to read. There are a lot of different typefaces to choose from.

Lastly, the fonts you use will make a big difference in your product’s appearance. This improves the visual hierarchy, directly affecting how the user feels about the site. Once you have a working prototype of your idea, show it to a more experienced end user to get feedback.


When coming up with a design idea, keep your design goals simple. The home screen is the first thing people see when they open an app, so designers should pay special attention to it.

When coming up with a solution, you should consider the project’s timeline, budget, and technical needs. If you want your concept design to working, you should follow these rules.

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