Seamless Clone App Development process, cost and features

Seamless Clone App Development process, cost and features

Innovative innovations often fulfill the needs of particular people and try to provide them with a cushion of warmth. The entry point of the food delivery service has been seen to be very successful and customers have been encouraged to follow the service by Smartphone applications. As a successful entrepreneur, it would be much useful for you to set up a company in the renowned food distribution business. Create a fully functional seamlessly integrated Clone application with some alluring features and otherwise extensive options of customization to actually choose from.

What are we going to have in our Smooth Clone?

Integrate a plethora of utilities into the Streamlined Clone software to make it stand apart.

Cross-Platform Approach

The Seamless Clone Software is planned to run seamlessly on IOS, Linux, and mobile platforms.

Distinguished Software

The Streamlined Clone is an amalgamation of four separate apps-Customer, a local restaurant, Personal Delivery, and otherwise Admin. They work pretty much together seamlessly to order and distribute food items across the advanced app.

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Suitable for all company sizes

The seamlessly integrated Clone App is ideal for any scale of the company, start-up, or even enterprise.

Social login

Users can easily log in or even sign up for the application via social media sites such as Facebook or even Instagram. This would minimize the time taken to build a new account.

Start Searching

A versatile search engine mostly with intelligent browsing options for consumers using the app for finding their favorite dish, kitchen, or restaurant. NBT solutions will provide you this particular application at 5000USD to 20,000 USD and the Hourly Rate of this is 15USD to 20 USD.

my cart

This feature would show the orders made by the potential customer along with the huge quantity and therefore the overall price to be billed. Users may change their orders and continue to checkout.

Level and revise

The customer will rate the particular quality of the meal, the restaurant, and somehow the delivery staff via the app.

Press updates

Customers can get updates of new deals, order status, the payment received, etc. from the app.

Options for payment

The Streamlined Clone Software will be compatible with the absolute best payment options, even including credit/debit, Cash on Delivery, or the wallet of that application.

User friendly

Restaurant managers will be provided with an easy-to-use Smartphone app and also a web app to view and track orders.

Order Warnings

Restaurants really can get updates on incoming orders from consumers in near real-time so just that they can approve orders when they come in.

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Management of Promo

Restaurants may build and add some new deals or incentives to reward existing or new clients to improve their profits.

Tracking Life

The restaurant will watch delivery workers in near real-time as then they enter the restaurant for picking up orders.


The restaurant will somehow have various types of dishes described under the tasting menus so that customers can quickly browse through and simply order.


The software is fully integrated with a realistic monitoring feature for both local restaurants and consumers to pick up and distribute food items.

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